They are available in Neuquén capital

The provincial government, through the Neuquén Provincial Gaming Institute (IJAN), will raffle a 0 km Toyota Hilux truck to cover the expenses of the 43rd National Montañés Festival, which will be held in San Martín de Los Andes in August. The numbers are already on sale for $20,000 and the drawing will be held on August 25 “at the end of the Axemen Contest.”

In a Facebook post, the San Martín Culture Secretariat published that the funds They will not only be dedicated to paying the expenses of the Montañés Festivalbut also to “the purchase of chairs and technical equipment for the San José theater«.

The president of IJAN spoke about the strategy behind the draw in San Martín de Los Andes

The president of IJAN, Raúl Bettiga, told Zapala Noticias that “in Villa Pehuenia -where a similar draw was held- had a good result. More than 50% of the bonds that were made available could be sold. With that the prize was settled and a significant sum was left for the expenses of the party”.

Bettiga indicated that “for the acquisition of the trucks a tender was held”. Furthermore, regarding the draw numbers, he explained that: “the bonus that people will access will be marketed, on the one hand, at the points of sale that the municipality organizer of each event defines, and on the other, in the number one agency, in Neuquén capital”.

Likewise, he explained that “from that same bonus, also the money is recovered for next year’s party. So we started to do a round of funds that allow municipalities to have a prize every year of these characteristics.”

The initiative is the result of inter-institutional collaboration between the provincial government, the Banco Provincia del Neuquén (BPN), the IJAN, Emprendimientos Culturales y Deportivos del Neuquén Sociedad del Estado (ECyDENSE) and the Toyota Nippon Car firm.

People interested in purchasing a voucher for the truck raffle You can write, only by Whatsapp, to 2972531250.

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