Guajiro new law professional at the service of the community

Samuel and his sisters María Cristina and Katerine Mendoza Teran.

Samuel David Mendoza Teran, 24 years old and native of the municipality of Hatonuevo, south of the department of La Guajira, recently obtained his degree as a lawyer in the city of Riohacha.

The young man who, since he was 18, had to move away from his family and homeland, Hatonuevo, to live in the District, does not forget the day he finished school and graduated from high school, because his dream was to be a law professional. , and in his municipality this undergraduate degree is not offered in any higher education center, from that moment on the capital of La Guajira welcomed him.

The new legal professional, with his family.

Today his dream is a reality, that young man from the town who went out with the goal of training and graduating as a lawyer, was fulfilled, thanks to his discipline and dedication, and of course, the love and support that his family gave him daily from afar. .

One of his sisters, María Cristina Mendoza, fondly remembers that at this time Samuel became desperate at the end of each semester, because, although he lived in the capital, he did not forget his childhood friends, nor his beloved Hatonuevo, where He returned every vacation period.

The young man enjoyed his day with his family, who attended the ceremony and then shared a lunch at a restaurant in Riohacha, where demonstrations of affection and wishes for success abounded.



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