A trucker who brought pigs to San Juan and collected $13 million in cash said that “asphalt pirates” stole everything from him in San Luis

A trucker who brought pigs to San Juan and collected $13 million in cash said that “asphalt pirates” stole everything from him in San Luis
A trucker who brought pigs to San Juan and collected $13 million in cash said that “asphalt pirates” stole everything from him in San Luis

Mario Dossetto, the owner of tEl Sampachense transportation, has not been able to speak calmly with Gerardo Canedo, one of his drivers in the company. A few days passed since, according to the young truck driver, A couple of criminals surprised him when he made a stop on the route, on the outskirts of Villa Mercedes, they pointed firearms at him and took his belongings and what he had in the cabin of the truck.. But despite that, it is still not entirely clear how such a robbery happened, because there would be more than one version. The only thing that is not in doubt is that the 13 million pesos in cash that Canedo had in a consortium bag and that he had to deliver to his boss was part of the large loot that the alleged “asphalt pirates” took..

Sampachense is a brand that, as its name indicates, is from the town of Sampacho in Córdoba. “We have been doing this for many years and Canedo is one of the oldest drivers we have,” Dossetto told El Diario.

Last Monday, The man entrusted his employee with a trip to the capital of San Juan. There he had to take some pig animals and deliver them to a client named Pérez, who would pay him instantly and in cash. That day, at 10 p.m., the 31-year-old driver left Sampacho bound for San Juan. In the semi-trailer of the Volkswagen tractor-type truck it was transporting 20 piglets, 38 sows and 89 capons. Dossetto followed Canedo’s route via satellite. The tracking confirmed that he had arrived at his destination around 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

The young man unloaded the animals at the place without problem, weighed them and received from Pérez a black bag wrapped with two types of tape and which had written “intended for Mr. Dossetto Mario.” Inside were two other black, taped bags. One contained 6 million pesos and the other 7 million, in thousand peso bills.

The victim said that the thieves knew that he had a large amount of money in the vehicle.

Canedo confirmed through WhatsApp messages to his boss that he already had the money in his hands and that he would soon return. At 11 o’clock he left the farm where he had made the sale to Sampacho.

Dossetto estimated that at 7 p.m. he would be back in the Córdoba town. According to what the driver told his boss, at the intersection of routes 7 and 8, he decided to stop. “He stopped in the road yard, he was tired and wanted to stop to urinate and not get cramps,” he said. At that point, “two or three criminals surprised him and Lautaro, the other driver who was there.” “They got into the truck, they took his wallet, cell phone and the bag with the money,” said the victim.

But that version does not coincide with others that Canedo would have given to the Police. He told them that he stopped there to wait for Lautaro, who was coming from another trip along the La Toma side. When Lautaro arrived, he sat in the truck and was checking his cell phone. Two hooded criminals put a firearm to one of them’s heads. They were both armed.

“Stay still, we are not going to do anything to you. Where is the money for the transportation?” the other assailant demanded. Canedo responded that he was under the bed. The thieves took the consortium bag and escaped through the countryside, towards the south.

However, at the Police Station the truck driver would have told a somewhat different version, at least with respect to the reason why he stopped at the intersection of those routes. He would have confessed that he did it to wait for a person who would come there and sell him “two grams” of a substance, one for him and another for his partner.

Source: El Diario de la República

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