Coffee farming free of deforestation, an obligation • La Nación

Coffee farming free of deforestation, an obligation • La Nación
Coffee farming free of deforestation, an obligation • La Nación

The Secretariat of Agriculture and Mining of Huila socialized Regulation 1115 EUDR, which aims to require that all agricultural products, including coffee, that enter the European market are free of deforestation and forest degradation processes.

In this exercise developed within the framework of the pilot promoted by the European Union, the Government of Huila, and the National Federation of Coffee Growers for the implementation of the standard, coffee growing actors from the north of the department participated, including producers, marketers, processors, exporters. , academia, among other allies.

For the secretary of agriculture and mining of Huila, Carlos Alberto Cuéllar Medina, the purpose of this articulated dissemination work regarding regulation 1115 EUDR, is to allow sustainable production, the entry of Huila coffee into the European market and shield the most important productive activity. for the department as is coffee growing.

“We are working very hard from the departmental government with the help of all our allies, to comply with the requirements of the standard and guarantee that our coffee continues to reach the European Union market without problems in the first place. But also being clear that it will surely be a requirement that will become global, and therefore we must be at the forefront to protect our coffee growers and our main export item, which is coffee, a job generator,” he said.

It should be remembered that regulation 1115 EUDR prohibits the entry of agricultural products and by-products into the European market, which have been achieved by generating processes of deforestation or forest degradation after 2020, so it will be a requirement for exporting companies to review traceability processes. , and other requirements as established by due diligence.

This series of measures issued by the European Union, and mandatory for those who export to member countries of the organization, seek to reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change, protect ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as allow adequate management of the resource. water, addressing the components of human rights, environment, and zero deforestation.

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