Gendarmerie investigation was key to detecting arms trafficking network in the RM and corruption cases in La Serena

Early last Friday, a massive simultaneous operation was carried out in the Metropolitan Region and Coquimbo, which included intervention in private homes and selective raids in 5 penal units.

The procedure was carried out after a double investigation that originated a year ago, directed by the Western Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, and coordinated by the Criminal Investigation Department (Dicrim) of the Chilean Gendarmerie, and the OS9 of the Carabineros; within the framework of the Investigative Focus to Combat Organized Crime in Prisons.

The investigation arose as a result of various operational efforts in criminal units, carried out by the Gendarmerie, managing to establish background information, through data analysis and criminal investigation, which revealed the marketing of weapons coordinated from criminal units. Investigation that yielded residual information that made it possible to detect a new aspect of bribery, money laundering and illicit association, by officials of the La Serena CP.

After the operation, a group of citizens who were involved in the internment and sale of weapons were arrested. In addition, there was the arrest of 9 gendarmes on active duty and one who had already been dismissed by the institution, who, according to the complaint made by the Gendarmerie, would be involved in various crimes associated with acts of corruption.

The Western Metropolitan Prosecutor, Marcos Pastén Campos, highlighted this first operation of the Investigative Focus on Organized Crime in Penitentiary Facilities, highlighting, “the unprecedented work of three institutions that make up the Justice System, which at all times acted in a coordinated manner, sharing and analyzing the data collected.”

The Operational Inspector (s) of the Gendarmerie, Colonel Rubén Pérez Riquelme, assured that, “as an Institution, we have carried out relevant procedures in coordination with the Public Ministry, to detect, report, investigate and detain those officials who stray away from the it must be. This responds to a policy of zero tolerance against acts of corruption, thus maintaining control of the penal units.”

The Director of Drug Control and Criminal Investigation of the Carabineros of Chile, General Jaime Velasco Bahamondez, highlighted, “that there was a very synchronized participation between the Carabineros, the Gendarmerie and the Public Ministry, given the complexity of the investigation and the deployment in the Metropolitan region and Coquimbo, in criminal units and different properties, managing to seize vehicles, firearms, cash, and other elements that are part of the means of evidence.”

As a result of the operations, drugs, cell phones, chips, and information of interest to the investigation were seized.

The detainees will be formalized tomorrow, Tuesday, before the Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago, for crimes such as illicit association and money laundering.

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