Survey: Javier Milei falls in a positive image and Bullrich and Villarruel already surpass him

After several weeks in check by the food crisis in it Ministry of Human Capitalthe government of the president Javier Milei had its best moment in recent days thanks to the approval of the Base Lawthe low inflation figure in May and the renewal of swap with China, among other triumphs. However, there is a warning sign regarding the public perception of the head of state: Milei fell into the positive image of him and is already surpassed by Patricia Bullrich and Victoria Villarruel.

This emerges from an opinion study published in the last few hours by the consulting firm Zuban Córdoba. Although the survey was carried out before the Senate approved the Bases Law, it reflects a deterioration in the presidential image that has been developing throughout the last month.

Paola Zuban: “What happened in Pettovello is comparable to the photo of Fabiola in Olivos”

Authoritarians don’t like this

The practice of professional and critical journalism is a fundamental pillar of democracy. That is why it bothers those who believe they are the owners of the truth.

The survey consulted on the image of some of Argentina’s main politicians. Javier Milei maintains in that sense a positive rating of 43.7 percentwhile the negative is 55.8%.

How the image of Javier Milei evolved

“This month, President Milei suffered one of his most pronounced falls in the six months of government. The first crisis in the last month has clearly had its effect. The different management indicators continue to show a negative economic assessment,” wrote Ana Paola Zuban and Gustavo Córdoba when presenting the opinion report.

The drop is verified when compared to a study by the same consulting firm carried out at the end of May, when Milei presented a 46.6% positive image and 52.7% a negative one. In mid-April, the head of state accumulated 47.2% support and 52.5% rejection, as recorded by Zuban Córdoba. That figure was, however, higher than that of March, when the president had 42.3% support, a drop then attributed to the economic crisis.

“Without recognizing it, the president warned of the importance of negotiation and consensus and obtained the sanction of the basic law in the Senate of the Nation. This momentarily clears the gray clouds that were appearing on the horizon,” added Zuban and Córdoba.

The Milei ministers and officials with the best image

The striking fact of the survey is that the Javier Milei is surpassed by one of his officials and his formula mate. The Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrichwho was also his rival in the 2023 elections, maintains a 47.1% positive image against 41.5%.

A little further down is the vice president. Victoria Villarruel, with 46.2% support and 52% rejection. Javier Milei’s running mate in the last elections had a moment of break with the libertarians in March, when she enabled the vote in the Senate to reject the DNU. The relationship seems to have improved recently, since the vice president played a key role in the negotiations of her legislative body to approve the Bases Law.

“The sanction of the basic law is undoubtedly a relevant fact for the government, which allows it to show the capacity for political articulation and stretch the generation of expectations a little. High expectations for a society overwhelmed by the ‘greatest adjustment in history.’ It is a double-edged sword, obtaining the famous ‘tools’ that the government has been demanding, since it could take away one of its main narrative rams. Thus, the constant mention of the previous government will begin to have less and less effect and management. of Javier Milei will be judged more and more by its own results,” said Zuban and Córdoba.

Very far from Villarruel and Bullrich appears Sandra Pettovello, which has only 36.3% positive image and 59.7% negative image. The Minister of Human Capital faced harsh criticism for the functioning of her portfolio, which monopolizes functions that are traditionally carried out in 4 or 5 other ministries, and there was even talk of her departure as a result of the food crisis.

They complain about the hiring of an abuser’s lawyer in Capital Humano

On this issue, the analysts explained that it was “a crisis of management deception characterized by government communication that went from concealment to denial, underestimation, false information, etc.” “The implications can be serious because this type of crisis breaks the tacit electoral contract between the ruler and the citizens,” they added.

“Even so, there are still positive signs in the short-term economy and a demonstration by the government that it gave itself the place and time to build power beyond its own forces. Have we seen the birth of milleism these days?“says the report.

The opponents with the best image: surprises and news

The opposition leader who appears with the best image in the Zuban Córdoba survey is Juan Grabois. The former presidential candidate of Peronism in 2023 maintains a profile of harsh rejection of the Milei government and played a key role in the denunciation of withheld food that caused the crisis in Human Capital. The social leader has a 46.2% positive image and 52% a negative one.

There are two surprises in the ranking. One is the former president Cristina Kirchner, which appears with a 45.5% positive image, although the negative image remains high at 53.6%. The other is that of Ricardo Alfonsinformer candidate for president in 2011 and son of former president Raúl Alfonsín, with 44.5% support and 49.9% rejections.

Zuban Cordoba Survey June 2024

Then another leader appears who was a presidential candidate for Peronism in 2023, although he competed with his own party: Guillermo Moreno. The controversial former Secretary of Commerce of the Kirchnerist years, who was critical of both the management of Alberto Fernández and the current mandate of Javier Milei, accumulates a surprising 34.9% positive image. However, he maintains a high level of rejection, with a 60.2% negative image.

Below appears the governor of Chubut, Ignacio “Nacho” Torres, which maintained an open confrontation over national resources with the president at the beginning of the year. Today it has 32.8% support and 42.1% rejection, with 16.1% ignorance.

He is followed by another man from the PRO, the former president Mauricio Macriwhich has a 30% positive image but with a high negative differential, since 67.4% have a poor assessment of its figure.

Zuban Cordoba Survey June 2024

The ranking is completed by the governors of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela (28.3% positive image, 41.3% negative, 24.7% ignorance); from Tucumán, Osvaldo Jaldo (15.5% positive, 42.8% negative, 29.6% do not know); and from Catamarca, Raul Jalil (14% support, 29.6% rejection and 46% ignorance).

Data sheet

The study by Zuban Córdoba y Asociados was carried out with 1,400 cases consulted between June 7 and 8, 2024, with a questionnaire structured in the CAWI format (computer-assisted interviews).

The population over 16 years of age was consulted in districts of Argentina, represented by age, gender, area and presidential vote in 2023. It reports a sampling error of +/- 2.62% and a confidence level of 95%.

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