‘The prognosis is reserved’

‘The prognosis is reserved’
‘The prognosis is reserved’

ORA woman, who is known for being a social leader, was attacked in the town of Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá. Due to her injuries, she was taken to a hospital, where she remains in serious condition.

The episode occurred this Sunday, June 16. According to the report of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, known for The Night Owl of Citytv, The victim received several gunshot wounds when he was walking along one of the streets in the El Paraíso neighborhood.

The community helped her and uniformed officers helped take her to the Meissen Hospital.

The woman was taken to a hospital due to the severity of her gunshot wounds.


“She is injured in the head. Her prognosis is reserved in the healthcare center,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Mariño, police garrison officer.

Personnel from the Prosecutor’s Office and the Sijín took over the investigations to identify the person responsible and the motives for the incident..

“We do not know who exactly the people were, but we know that it is due to the issue of complaints that social leaders and human rights defenders make in the town of Ciudad Bolívar. That is the cause of the attacks, attacks and threats,” said José León, another social social leader in the sector, to Citytv.

Authorities are investigating the case that occurred in the El Paraíso neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar.


León assured that several leaders were threatened, for which he requested that the authorities take the necessary measures to safeguard their integrity.

“They are risking their lives to carry out social work. This is a problem at the national level, not just the locality. (…) Ciudad Bolívar is a locality where there are still many criminal groups,” he added.

Attacks against social leaders and human rights defenders

Based on a report from the Ombudsman’s Office, in 2023, 181 leaders were murdered in Colombia. Of the total, 160 were men and 21 were women.

“The Ombudsman’s report reveals the stark reality that those dedicated to preserving the rights of communities suffered last year, particularly in regions where the internal armed conflict rages,” the entity said at the beginning of 2024.

181 social leaders in Colombia were murdered during 2023.

Photo:EL TIEMPO Archive

According to the annual analysis, most of the attacks occurred in Cauca, Antioquia and Nariño. For its part, Bogotá reported six homicides.

“(The institutions, the newly appointed local leaders, the Police, the Military Forces, among others, are urged to work together to protect rights defenders,” the Ombudsman’s Office stated at the time.


*With information from Kevin Díaz, Citytv’s El Noctámbulo.

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