I have nothing to do with what happened at the UNGRD

I have nothing to do with what happened at the UNGRD
I have nothing to do with what happened at the UNGRD

There have been many questions that the ex-wife of the former deputy director of the UNGRD has received, after the complaint about her alleged relationship with the fictitious company that they created to purchase the jagüeyes for La Guajira.

Last Friday we revealed exclusively that the hiring of 1,626 jagüeyes in La Guajira by the National Risk Management Unit had not only been executed in an incomplete and fraudulent manner, but that Olmedo López and Sneyder Pinilla They had used a “paper intervention company” called ‘Intraffic’, to cover up the theft of resources and give it the appearance of legality.

There was also talk of a particular link between Ana María Martínezthe then wife of Sneyder Pinilla and the intervening company, which was created in 2029 in the city of Barranquilla, and to date has had three representatives: Camila Andrea Sánchez Martínez, a psychologist who is currently 29 years old; her sister María Alejandra Sánchez Martínez, who is 21 years old, and the current representative who is Leonardo Manuel Bustos Miranda, a very humble young man from Barrancabermeja who worked in maintenance services.

The curious fact is that these three people were contractors at the Magdalena Medio Hospital, when their assistant manager was the then wife of Sneyder Pinilla: Ana María Martínez Galvis. That is to say, at the time when ‘Intraffic’ appeared on the contracting scene, its legal representatives were contractors at the Barrancabermeja hospital, they had very modest salaries and none of them had knowledge or experience in auditing.

What does Ana María Martínez respond to the accusations?

Diana Giraldo from the 6AM Hoy por Hoy table spoke with Ana María, and although she did not want to do an on-air interview, she gave statements about the allegations. She said that she is very affected by everything that is happening and assured that everything that her ex-partner Pinilla did is affecting her professional life, taking into account that she is currently still the Hospital Manager. of Magdalena Medio.

He assured that he does know the 3 people because they did work as contractors at the Hospital, but he pointed out that he does not know how they ended up being the legal representatives of ‘intraffic‘ and that he also has no knowledge of who owns that company.

Ana María Martínez says that she does know Camila Andrea Sánchez Martínez, who worked as a psychologist and who was very good. She also said that she distinguishes her sister María Alejandra Sánchez Martínez and that she worked with her in billing, for a very short time. Regarding the young Leonardo Bustos, she says that he worked in maintenance, but with a contract of only two months. However, she insisted that he does not have the slightest idea how they ended up in the Jagüeyes’ intervention company in La Guajira.

What does it say about Sneyder’s acts of corruption?

Ana María assured that she was unaware of everything that was happening with Sneyder and that she never even suspected excess money, or anything like that. She pointed out that neither he nor his parents changed his way of life, and she confirmed that they are humble people from Sabana de Torres.

He insisted that Snyder is a good person, and that he felt proud to have reached the subdirectorate of the Risk Management Unit from Sabana de Torres. He noted that “He is an excellent dad, an excellent friend and an excellent person who unfortunately paid more attention than he should have… he had no decision-making power.”.

She concluded by saying that Sneyder has already apologized for all the problems that this situation has caused, and noted that she hopes that he will show his face to the country and really explain how these humble workers from the Barrancabermeja hospital ended up in the ghost audit of La Guajira. .

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