Cuba will eliminate the limit of 24 months of stay abroad

Cuba will eliminate the limit of 24 months of stay abroad
Cuba will eliminate the limit of 24 months of stay abroad

Photo: RL Hevia

Text: Hugo León

The National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba (ANPP) revealed this Sunday two draft laws on Immigration and Migration that could forever change some neuralgic elements of Cuban policy, including those related to stays abroad.

It is specifically in the Migration Law Project in which this particular is found. In its text, the norm states that “the 24-month stay period abroad and the designation of migrant for this reason are eliminated, based on the new definition of effective migratory residence.”

New Immigration Effective Residence

According to what is explained in Title III of the draft bill, effective immigration residence “is the condition achieved by Cuban citizens and resident foreigners, when they remain during each calendar year, prior to the date on which the majority of their time in the national territory, or through a combination of a period of permanence and other material evidence that demonstrates roots in the country.

Meanwhile, Cuban citizens have the immigration categories of Resident in the National Territory or Resident Abroad, but they can obtain the immigration status of Effective Resident when they acquire Cuban citizenship in accordance with the provisions of the law, or through a change of the immigration category.

On the other hand, citizens who have the immigration category of emigrants can request to become residents abroad by submitting a written application.

It is also established that Cubans can maintain ownership of assets in Cuba even if they remain outside the country for more than 24 months, as long as they comply with the regulations that are in force.

What will happen to passports and immigration documents?

In accordance with the ANPP, passports and equivalent documents, visas and immigration documents that prove identity, issued prior to the entry into force of this Law, do not have to be extended and will remain valid until the expiration of the term for the that were granted.

The limit on stay abroad meant that Cubans had to travel to Cuba at least every two years, and if they did not do so, they could lose residency on the island or have other legal consequences. This change, as well as the modifications to the validity of the passport, facilitate the stay abroad and save time, procedures and money for Cuban emigrants.

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