Babasónico returned to the Movistar Arena with pure brilliance, sensuality and surprises

Babasónico returned to the Movistar Arena with pure brilliance, sensuality and surprises
Babasónico returned to the Movistar Arena with pure brilliance, sensuality and surprises

Fire. Friday’s Babasónico show begins just 20 minutes after the agreed time and bursts of flaming red shoot out at each end of the stage. They disappear and are reborn again. Its intermittency adjusts to the highs and lows of “Tajada”, the last song published by the band, which was, in turn, the one that started the recital. The “excuse” for a new massive meeting, like a mass of sensuality, to reaffirm that the band continues to lead the Argentine pop scene.

With “Fizz”, the second song, the pogo that ends up exploding in “Sin mi diablo” appears, a rock hit by Infamous, the album that reaffirmed them at the top in 2003 and was a synthesis of the Menemist decade that the country went through. Lyrics such as “At the dance / I found Satan naked / in a suite at the Sheraton in Rio / they invited the beauty of their girls / who excitedly lived for orgies”, expose the greed and waste of ten years that beneath the superficiality and “glamour” left hundreds of thousands of Argentines unemployed.

Babasónico at the Movistar Arena.

With “Goodbye in Pompeii” Babasónico calms the audience and gives a few minutes to rest. The song has soft rhythms and the fine whispered voice of Adrián Dárgelos. They instantly unleashed the madness again with “Irresponsables”, another hit by Infamous. Again, magic and fire, in times where they are so needed.

After half an hour you hear “Make love to me until dawn and then bye bye”, the song that gave name to their last tour, in which the band toured countries such as the United States, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Uruguay and of course, Argentina. “Bye Bye” belongs to Trenchan album composed of eleven songs that Dárgelos knows how to embody in the best way.

With psychedelic visuals running across the screens, the singer slides across the stage from end to end, opening his shirt, touching the floor, turning around: he flirts with his audience. The babasonic essence is precisely that, that of a sensuality that runs through the body, a sigh loaded with sensation, warm, deep, extensive. Songs that show and hide through symbols.

Fire was a key element of the show.

Photo: Press / Martin Bonetto

Perhaps much of today’s music lacks something: the adrenaline that runs through the body when we recognize, from the slightest hint of a chord, what is coming. That popular explosion is happening now, the public raises its arms and begins to jump with the beginning of “Putita”, a song covered by different artists and sung throughout different generations. To the pleasure of the masses, Babasónico does not hold anything back and does not deny his hits.

“Without mercy you leave behind an entourage of vain idolatry” plays and the light of the cell phones overshadows the staging of the Movistar Arena. It is followed by two of the most listened to songs of Trench: “Mimes are mimes” and “Paradox”. To continue with the duo scheme, they continue with “Carismático” and “Yegua”, both belonging to Last night.

The lights marked the start of the show.

Photo: Press / Martin Bonetto

Under an exceptional light show, the ease of Diego Uma Rodríguez also knew how to dazzle everyone. To his characteristic musical versatility that includes the guitar, drums and voice, is added a talent that is not at all hidden: dancing. His repertoire includes steps worthy of genres such as swing and cha-chachá, which he knew how to adapt even in songs with more electronic sounds, such as the seguidilla of the last part of the show, in which “La Lanza”, “Deléctrico” and “ The question”.

The four walls that enclose the Movistar Arena were not impermeable to the political reality that has taken place since December 10. The recital was coming to an end, and after “The Question” was played, the audience took advantage of the break that the band took to begin with the famous: “he who does not jump…”. This time, the one who didn’t jump voted for Milei. And the audience jumped. It was ten minutes of movement until, with a sweet song like “Ingrediente”, there was peace.

Dárgelos was the great master of ceremonies.

The wide variety of genres that Babasónico channels manages, over the years – which are now more than 30 – to continue renewing its audience and also sustaining those who follow it “from Cemento.” This is how the band, through novelty, catchy rhythms, a unique aesthetic that appeals to romanticism, reflection and sensuality, fills stadiums as it did last December at the Argentine Polo Field, and now with two Movistar sold out ; leaving very high expectations for their next dates. Because music and dance don’t stop, like the fire that always emerges.


-Friday 6/14 and Saturday 6/15 at the Movistar Arena.

Photo: Press / Martin Bonetto

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