Alejandro Osorio repeats stage victory in Mariquita and Rodrigo Contreras remains leader – Mundo Ciclístico Magazine

In a final at pure speed, Alejandro Osorio (GW Erco Shimano) won the duel against the Guatemalans and took the sixth stage of the Return to Colombia 2024which included a total journey of 168.6 kilometers with start in Dimension and end in ladybug.

The Carmelite runner entered the finish line in first place after beating Sergio Luis Henao (Nu Colombia). Rodrigo Contreras (Nu Colombia) He entered with the lot and maintained the lead of the race.

The day started very busy, and on the first ascent of the day, in the Alto del Vinothe boyacense Edgar Pinzon (GW Erco Shimano) passed first, 2nd Sebastián Castaño (Team Sistecrédito) and 3rd Juan Castillo (Colombia Potencia de Vida)but on the way down they were captured.

Edgar Andrés Pinzón first passed through Alto del Vino. (Photo © GW Erco Shimano)

Then the first escape of the day occurred with Santiago Ramirez (Avinal-Mayor’s Office El Carmen de Viboral), Wilson Pena (Team Sistecredito), Cristian Cubides (EBSA), Jose Alarcon (EBSA) and the Ecuadorian Pablo Caicedo (Movistar Best PC), However, the adventure did not last long and they were quickly hunted by the platoon.

The lot kept the race under control in the last kilometershowever, Bernardo Suaza (Petrolike) He tried, but he was not successful, in the end everything was defined in the sprint, where Sergio Luis Henao It almost surprised Alejando Osorio, who won his second victory in this edition.

This Tuesday the fourth stage of the Colombian round, which will take place between ladybug and the Letter Heighta super mountainous route of 143.4 kilometers with several slopes and a high finish.

Return to Colombia (2.2)
Results Stage 3 | Cota – Ladybug (168.6 km)

1 Alejandro Osorio GW Erco Shimano 3:46:22
2 Sergio Luis Henao Nu Colombia mt
3 Juan Tito Rendon Paisa Pride 0:03
4 Róbigzon Oyola Team Medellín-EPM 0:03
5 Jonathan Caicedo Forte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli 0:03
6 Daniel Arroyave GW Erco Shimano 0:03
7 Kevin David Castillo Team Sistecredito 0:03
8 José Misael Urian Team Sistecredito 0:03
9 Nicolas Paredes Team Fundecom 0:03
10 Yesid Pira Mayor’s Office of Manizales – 100% Eggs 0:03

Individual General Classification

1 Rodrigo Contreras Nu Colombia 11:20:42
2 Diego Camargo Forte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli 0:44
3 Adrian Bustamante GW Erco Shimano 0:48
4 Wilson Pena Team Sistecredito 0:50
5 Javier Jamaica Team Medellín-EPM 1:03
6 Yeison Reyes Team Sistecredito 1:04
7 Jonathan Caicedo Forte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli 1:10
8 Yesid Pira Mayor of Manizales – 100% Eggs – 1:12
9 Cristian Rico Forte Petrolike – Androni Giocattoli 1:13
10 Alejandro Osorio GW Erco Shimano 1:15
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