“Excess good faith”: Vivanco’s explanation for Hermosilla chats involving her husband | National

“Excess good faith”: Vivanco’s explanation for Hermosilla chats involving her husband | National
“Excess good faith”: Vivanco’s explanation for Hermosilla chats involving her husband | National

The Minister of the Supreme Court, Ángela Vivanco, referred again to the chats found on Luis Hermosilla’s cell phone and that They directly involve her husband, Gonzalo Migueles.

According to the media Ciper Chile, a screenshot was found with a conversation between Migueles and prosecutor Carlos Palma in the middle of the process of the last national prosecutor election process.

According to the information, Vivanco’s husband “He would have offered Palma to pay for a doctorate and install him in charge of the North Central Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, replacing prosecutor Xavier Armendáriz. That, in exchange for him giving his support to the candidate who had already been designated by La Moneda and who required ratification by the Senate.

This Sunday, through a statement, the minister stated that she did not participate “in any way” in the events described in the report. Furthermore, she indicated that the article in question is full of “prejudices and errors.”

Minister Vivanco: “There has been an excess of good faith”

Vivanco commented on the issue again this Monday, ensuring that “Here there has been an excess of good faith on the one hand, which unfortunately was not considered in the same way by the other.”

“When you act in good faith, and you try to help a person who asks you, but that person takes it and handles it. (…) I am not going to talk about prosecutor Palma, it is not my responsibility, but that is what happened here,” he added.

On the other hand, he referred to the conversation he hopes to have with the national prosecutor, Ángel Valencia, regarding this issue.

“It’s not my place to ask anyone for explanations. I want to talk to Ángel Valencia, probably by phone. I sent him a message and they told me that they would let me know when he could talk to me, because these types of issues concern me. “I am concerned that plans are mixed between a Supreme Court minister and things that his family does.”held.

In that sense, he added that “we have no possibility of putting pressure on the Public Ministry nor they on us. “It is a matter of deference.”

Asked about her relationship with the lawyer Luis Hermosilla, she explained that She knows him from the relationship she had with her brother, Juan Pablo Hermosilla, when she worked as an advisor to the National Television Association (Anatel).

“I knew Lucho Hermosilla as Juan Pablo’s brother and I did have conversations with him many times, but neither Luis Hermosilla nor anyone else has been the author of my application. “I applied on merit and many people supported that candidacy.”he asserted.

Finally, he said that he will not initiate legal action over this matter, since “those who initiate them will be those who have been directly affected.”

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