Work continues to create spaces free of discrimination

Work continues to create spaces free of discrimination
Work continues to create spaces free of discrimination

Through various proposals, progress is made in the promotion of rights.

With the aim of creating spaces free of discrimination, this week the Undersecretary of Diversity launched an agenda of actions based on rights for diversities; and two festivals were held with listening and learning spaces; and they added the adhesion of CPEM No. 29 to the Technical Assistance Program for comprehensive support for diverse childhoods and adolescence.

“Within the provincial Plan for gender equality, childhood and adolescence are one of our priorities, which is why we address them through different programs, promoting rights and providing technical assistance so that new generations grow up in a more egalitarian society,” said the Secretary of Gender, Natalia Fenizi.

“We are advancing with proposals in the territory with the aim of promoting the promotion of rights and technical assistance, in order to guarantee that both LGBTIQNB+ childhoods and adolescents in the province of Neuquén can develop in environments free of discrimination,” they reported from the Undersecretary of Diversity.

For her part, Luz Blanco added that “through these spaces we seek to allow them to express themselves and, if necessary, we can take action in case their rights are violated.”

“In the same way, we raise awareness about the damage caused by bullying and we provide them with recommendations so that they can detect situations of discrimination that they experience or exercise,” he said.

Rights promotion

In conjunction with the neighborhood commission of the Villa María neighborhood, a kermes was held to promote awareness with recreational activities to promote respect among peers. The activity was later moved to primary school No. 258 in Senillosa.

In addition, a space for listening and learning was provided with young people who attend the “Pensar” Civil Association in western Neuquén, where they talked about bullying and how to relate to avoid discriminatory situations. “Pensar” is a civil society organization that works for girls, boys, adolescents and mothers in vulnerable conditions.

Technical assistance

CPEM 29 joined the program to receive technical assistance and exchange experiences with the aim of accompanying adolescents from the LGBTIQNB+ community who pass through the establishment and thus promote educational environments free of discrimination.

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