Bucaramanga Council will propose a town hall to debate public transportation

The president of the corporation, Yesid Bello, pointed out that they are already working on collecting signatures to advance this initiative because, according to him, the city cannot be left without mass transportation.

After the failed negotiation between Metrolínea and Metrolínea Stations, the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga indicated that the liquidation of the managing entity is proceeding. Photo: Marco Valencia / Vanguardia.

Given the situation that the Mass Transportation System (Sitm) Metrolínea is going through and the possible start of liquidation of the managing entity Metrolínea SA, the president of the Bucaramanga Council, Yesid Bello, stated that next September an open town hall would be held to discuss this matter.

The body pointed out that it is necessary to guarantee the provision of mass transportation service in the city, which is why “I am thinking about holding an open town hall to bring together transporters and experts and make the best decision,” Bello said.

The President of the Council added that Bucaramanga cannot be left without mass transportation because all cities in the world are projecting towards that mode of mobility.

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“Regardless of whether or not the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office presents the draft agreement to liquidate the current managing entity and create a new one, we are going to hold a meeting with councilors, experts, transporters, to make the best decision,” he said.

The Open Town Hall is a form of citizen participation that can be promoted by citizens, councilors or deputies, to be carried out in the Assemblies, Councils or Local Administrative Boards (JAL).

The open town hall initiative is led by the president of the Council, Yesid Bello, who assured that it is necessary for citizens, councilors and experts to contribute to a solution.

The intention of the Cabildo is to open a space for participation in which citizens can express their points of view on various topics, decisions are made that translate into actions.

To do this, it is necessary to collect a significant number of signatures, according to the Electoral Census. Once the signatures are collected, they must be reviewed at the National Registry of the Civil Stadium for approval and thus be able to carry out the democratic day.

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