After the tension in the Martín Fierro family, Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano met again on the radio

After the tension in the Martín Fierro family, Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano met again on the radio
After the tension in the Martín Fierro family, Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano met again on the radio

At the Martín Fierro de Radio 2024 awards ceremony, Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano stole the show. Everything indicated that their love story had come to an end, but it seems that a sequel emerged unexpectedly this Sunday night.

After the journalist dedicated her victory in the shortlist to her “love”, the versions about the relationship that unites them began to run through the corridors of the Ocre Hall of La Rural, especially after her partner did not name her. get the award minutes later.

“I want to share it with my love. Yes, to you, Rolando. Thank you”, were the words with which the member of Jorge Lanata’s team ended her time on stage, after winning best entertainment columnist. For his part, the police and judicial specialist, who won the award in that category, omitted any mention of it. His attitude caused quite a stir at the party, especially from some present who booed him.

In dialogue with a Teleshow reporter, Calabró referred to her speech, which she did not prepare because “she was convinced that Marcela (Tauro) would win.” “I hadn’t even put anything together in my head. I came, without any expectations,” she said as she held her prize. When Rolando was mentioned, she commented: “We are very well, we are companions, we adore each other and he is my love, that is why I dedicate it to him.”

His argument was replicated when speaking with a notary from Desayuno Americano (America), who asked him about his words at the awards ceremony and if he had prepared his speech. “Not because I swear that on top of that you are going to lose it, you feel like a double loser.”

“Yes, it is my love and I dedicate it to him. I didn’t think about it because if on top of that you’re going to lose it and you have an armed speech, you feel like a double loser.”he declared with a huge smile, which denoted his happiness for having achieved that achievement and the decision behind the mention.

The day after

After the endless emotions experienced at the awards ceremony, the stars of the night returned to their work obligations. In their first Lanata broadcast without a filter (Radio Miter) of the week, they sat next to each other and avoided interacting in their first hours together. As expected, the conversation revolved around the winners’ speeches, which led to both making a mea culpa.

“There is the risk (of forgetting), at one point I thought about saying hello to all my friends. I forget one and I will never eat a roast again,” explained the cycle’s judicial specialist.

For his part, Calabró commented: “I forgot about Alejandro Ripoll, I want to die, Nacho Rodríguez, who helps me with editing the videos. Well, I didn’t do things right, what’s going to happen? But that’s for not thinking, if you think in advance you get a score.” Maintaining that line, the columnist of the cycle added: “I didn’t thank the radio or (Jorge) Porta either. Porta must say ‘this woman hates me’. “I don’t hate you Pucho, I’m just a little stupid.”

Marina’s gesture to Rolando

In parallel, Nancy Duré mentioned what happened between the journalists in Socios del Espectáculo (El Trece). Sitting at the same table, she confessed that they had no interaction throughout the night, not even as “work colleagues.” “When I spoke to Marina I asked her what was happening with Barbano and she told me nothing. The interaction between the two at the table did not exist. They didn’t even talk to each other. Then he goes on stage and says that, so I go up to him and ask him if she has anything to say and he ran away saying no,” she added.

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“He makes his speech, improvises this, dedicates it to Barbano and I began to analyze his gestures. What he immediately does is drink a glass of water, swallow, but as if it were a bad drink, that happened at the table,” Duré added. “So, I approached the journalist and told her: ‘We are going to make a little note about the beautiful dedication that Marina made to her’ and she left me out of luck…”, he revealed regarding the attitude that the journalist had after Calabró’s unexpected gesture. on the stage.

Just a few minutes later, in that same broadcast, the program team aired the note given by the star of the night. “It’s what came from the heart and the guts,” she explained to the camera. When asked about the possibility of a second chance at her relationship, she explained: “No, here we are. “Today is Martín Fierro day, afterward we will have a coffee and I will love you.”

Once again she was consulted about the reason behind her dedication to Barbano and she stated: “It wasn’t that it occurred to me, it came to me.”

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