Victims damaged by winter in Córdoba will receive aid

Victims damaged by winter in Córdoba will receive aid
Victims damaged by winter in Córdoba will receive aid

Ayapel will be one of the municipalities to receive aid.

Affected families in Ayapel.

The governor of Córdoba, Erasmo Zuleta Bechara, confirmed the arrival of 4,500 humanitarian aid, through the management carried out before the National Federation of Departments, in the midst of the emergency that some municipalities are experiencing due to floods and rains.

SaidThe food, hygiene and kitchen kits will be distributed in the territories that have reported to the Government of Córdoba that they have the most critical a consequence of the current rainy season. He added that the National Army has collaborated in the work of receiving aid.

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We receive this aid due to all the damage we are suffering in the department as a result of the rains.and the consolidation of the La Niña phenomenon. We are going to make deliveries to the municipalities that, in addition to the floods, have registered families in the Single Registry of Victims,” said Henry Licona, technical director of the Córdoba Risk Management Office.

The Government of Córdoba reported thatThis week he will lead a risk management committeein which the departmental government team, the municipal mayors and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Sinú and San Jorge Valleys, CVS, will participate to address the emergency that is registered in the territory of Córdoba and define the prevention and mitigation plan.

It is worth remembering thatThe governor requested the creation of a machinery bank under a joint financing scheme between the UNGRD and the governorates,proposing a co-financing agreement for the acquisition of the necessary machinery for the departments. This bank, the governor noted, would be supervised by the National Disaster Risk Management Unit, UNGRD.

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The petition also included a call to improve the RUD (Single Registry of Victims) information registry, pointing out the current difficulties and the need to hire additional personnel to comply with the reporting and justification requirements for expenditure, under the supervision of the Comptroller’s Office. , Attorney’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office.


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