A victor from the world alfajor championship – Paralelo32

A victor from the world alfajor championship – Paralelo32
A victor from the world alfajor championship – Paralelo32

Victory.- The next Alfajor World Championship will be held at the La Rural Fairgrounds (Buenos Aires) from August 16 to 18, 2024. Our city and province will be there, represented by Catay products, from local entrepreneur Daniela Firpo.

Daniela recently took first place in a virtual contest organized by this firm—precisely during Alfajor Week—which, after uploading a video explaining why she should be among the alfajoreros, rewarded the winner with the possibility of participating without no cost. The stands are sold for a significant sum and in dollars).

Our interviewee hopes to exhibit her production alongside the best alfajores producers in the world, who will award the Gold, Silver and Bronze Alfajor, as in a World Cup contest; In addition, a top-level jury for 19 options that are competed, where participants can choose up to three of them to sign up. “I thought I would write it down in better texture; “exotic alfajor and signature alfajor”.

Let us remember that Catay honey is obtained from pollens present in the freshwater wetland that characterizes the middle course of the Paraná River, a regional flora that has the peculiarity of the absence of crystals (it remains liquid). Hence one of the most outstanding elements of this preparation with which Daniela will try to capture the attention of a jury, once again, since she was the winner of the first alfajores contest held in Victoria around 2022.

Now, like any self-respecting entrepreneur, he is going for something more ambitious, which will help him make his production even more visible.

After receiving the highest vote among 20 contestants who participated on social networks, he continues working and dedicating long days to the Alfajor World Cup. “I am not a pastry chef or a chef, what I did to participate the first time was to do a lot of research and put effort into it; I have a son with a disability and being able to invest in growing my business is not that easy, which is also why I work alone. I don’t have my own premises but I take my production on weekends to the stalls in Las Velas (Coastal area), I sell through social networks, or WhatsApp.”

Daniela acknowledges to Paralelo 32 that winning a contest organized by the Municipality, through the Production area, helped her in part: “but with what I won at that time—10,000 pesos and an appliance—I couldn’t even buy the chocolate. for the preparation, and everything is very expensive. “There is nothing left to do but go little by little, taking advantage of opportunities like this.”

Other requirements for the World Cup

Daniela is currently completing forms and authorizations, to reach the deadline that runs from July 15 to August 3 and dedicate time to the preparation of 24 samples, “which will be tasted by a jury of more than 20 people internationally recognized for their trajectory, which they will do blindly. The verdict will be given on the long weekend of August (16, 17 and 18) precisely in La Rural de Buenos Aires, where we have to be present, and have 500 alfajores for sale. Furthermore, if we win, they (the organizers) buy the production from us as a selection to sell them in the branches they have throughout the country.”

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