Road tax: Figueroa congratulated the mayors who “with courage” tell the community what is happening

The application ofa so-called road tax that implies a surcharge on fuel and that will allow financing the Public transportation was an issue that Governor Rolando Figueroa did not avoidduring his visit to Cutral Co. The provincial leader criticized those who do “demagogy” and they don’t say “how are things to the people”. Instead, congratulated the mayors who with “courage” They decided to move forward with the approval, such as Cutral Co, Neuquén, San Martín de los Andes, and it is expected that Plaza Huincul will do so soon.

Governor Rolando Figueroa did not miss the opportunity to talk about the “urban mobility” rate as defined in Neuquén and that will imply an increase for drivers when refueling.

Figueroa analyzed the national context and the paralysis of financing for public works and the interruption of funds sent to municipalities. In this scenario, he said that: «We from Neuquén end up paying the value of the fuela tax and it ends up only financing the transportation of the inhabitants of the Federal Capital.

Along these lines, he said that he should applaud the communal leaders who with “courage” expressed themselves in favor of confronting the public transportation, mobility and pavement. These decisions were supported by the deliberative councils. “They approved a rate that serves to finance the spending of the people of Neuquén,” clarified Figueroa.

His statements were made in Cutral Co, where the corresponding ordinance was already approved, and he also mentioned Plaza Huincul, although in this case, Mayor Claudio Larraza must send the project to his local legislature. It was at the inauguration of the expansion of the hospital guard.

«I applaud your courage, several mayors are working back to back. Demagoguery is not done by deceiving and lying to people. When one has to govern he looks himself in the face and tells himself how things are. “When a statesman stands in front of the people and tells the community what is happening,” he concluded.

In Neuquén, the municipality governed by Mariano Gaido will begin to apply the rate this Tuesday. San Martín de los Andes has been doing it since May. Cutral Co was working on the regulations, but in the coming days it will begin to do so.


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