from Córdoba to Brazil and ignored by the State

from Córdoba to Brazil and ignored by the State
from Córdoba to Brazil and ignored by the State

Sol María Goyenechea Luján She was an artisan. She was born 28 years ago in Luque, Paraguay, when her parents, from whom she inherited the same passion, were occasionally in that country. She always lived in the city of Cordova, where he attended primary and secondary school. She was the mother of a girl who is now 8 years old. On Saturday, after traveling with her partner to Uruguayana, Brazil, she suffered a brutal death.

“Solcito”, as her loved ones called her, was already buried in the local cemetery due to an inexplicable decision by the Brazilian Justice. Her family traveled to Uruguayana and asked the Argentine Consulate for helpbut no luck.

After an hour of waiting, they answered: “We can’t do anything because she is Paraguayan“. The victim’s father, Sergio Goyenechea (54), currently living in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, replied: “I am Argentine, I am your father“. They ignored him again: “I don’t know“.

“They saw us hippies and they cut our faces”lamented Hernán Goyenechea (50), uncle of the murdered young woman.

For the lawyer Marina Romanowho assumed the representation of the family, The attitude of the Consulate and the Chancellery was “regrettable”.

The death certificate of Sol María Goyenechea Luján (28) in Uruguayana, Brazil.

“As the Foreign Ministry did not give them help, the body was buried in the Uruguaya cemetery, where it has no type of conservation. Where is the right to repatriation? His parents, his brothers, his daughter, are Argentine nationals, they are raped rights,” he warned.

For him “homicide“of Sun there is a suspect arrested, with a history of sexual crimes. However, for the Brazilian Justice it is a case linked to insecurity and not to femicide.

The maximum penalty of the Brazilian Penal Code for a “homicide” It reaches 20 years in prison, but if it is a femicide it increases to 30 years.

The suspect who was arrested in Brazil for the crime of Sol María Goyenechea Luján (28) in Uruguayana, according to Brazilian media.

The victim had traveled to Uruguayana with her partner, Ismael, with whom she had lived for eight years, to do craft work. Sol’s relatives They targeted him for his history of violence. “She left her alone in a bar, with very strange people. For us, she handed her over,” Hernán said.

Lawyer Romano added that “he was very jealous of her and Sol’s daughter claims that he was violent, both psychologically and physically.”

“They decided to follow a different path: he was going to do a craftsman’s job and she was going to collect some materials,” he said about the couple’s trip to Uruguayana.

Sol María Goyenechea Luján (28) had an 8-year-old daughter. She lived in the city of Córdoba.

After the crime, the man tried to cross the Agustín P. Justo-Getulio Vargas international bridge, which connects Uruguayana with Paso de los Libres (Corrientes), but he had to return to Brazil, where he has to report daily although he is not charged.

The victim had two brothers on his mother’s side and three sisters on his father’s side. She lived with her daughter and her partner in the Matienzo neighborhood of the city of Córdoba.

According to the lawyer, the Brazilian Police “understands that it is a crime linked to insecurity, that she was at the wrong time and place.” Her death occurred due to a head injury.

The victim was an artisan.

“We believe that it was a sexual attacksince he was with his pants down,” said his uncle, while they wait for the results of the tests.

The young woman used to go to sell her products at the Cañada Fair. She had turned 28 on March 26. “She was a sun, she loved animals, she found one on the street, she picked it up, she treated it; there were four to eat and she divided the sandwich into four,” Damián, another of her uncles, recalled to the channel. The Twelve TV.

Sol María Goyenechea Luján (28) had an 8-year-old daughter. She lived in the city of Córdoba.

In addition, he asked the Argentine Foreign Ministry for help. “I had an 8-year-old daughter, she had stayed in Córdoba. We need the body to come here to the province of Córdoba, which be given a dignified burial“, held.

Salvador, the victim’s brother, considered the treatment they were given at the Argentine Consulate “regrettable” and remembered her: “Sol wanted the best for everyone, he was completely in favor of freedom. He was a fair, honest and good person. She was an artist“.

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