These are the departments that contribute the most players to the Colombian team for the Copa América 2024

These are the departments that contribute the most players to the Colombian team for the Copa América 2024
These are the departments that contribute the most players to the Colombian team for the Copa América 2024

The 26 players called up are distributed in 10 geographical areas in the country – credit Infobae

On Thursday, June 20, the Copa América 2024 will begin, a competition in which the Colombian team hopes to have an outstanding role, since Néstor Lorenzo’s undefeated performance as director of the coffee team is complemented by outstanding performances in the United States against the host team. and Bolivia, even the coaching staff has recognized that they aspire to deliver a second title to the Colombians.

To face the oldest national team tournament in the world, Néstor Lorenzo has already confirmed the 26 players who will wear the Colombian shirt, list in which names such as James Rodríguez, Luis Díaz, Camilo Vargas or Jhon Arias stand out, who represent various regions of the country and who with their careers have left the name of Colombian towns and cities high.

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The 26 players are distributed in 10 geographical areas of the country, highlighting Antioquia as the department that contributes the most footballers to the national teamgiven that Mateus Uribe, Juan Fernando Quintero, Jhon Durán and Santiago Arias were born in Medellín, while the place of origin of David Ospina and Kevin Castaño is Itagüí, that of Daniel Muñoz is Amalfi and Richard Ríos is Vegachí.

Along with David Ospina, 7 other players were born in Antioquia – credit Joedson Alves/EFE

Chocó continues on the list as the department where the most players who will compete in the Copa América 2024 were born, Well, Jhon Arias is a native of Quibdó, like Carlos Cuesta, for his part, Deiver Machado was born in Tadó, Jhon Córdoba in Itsmina and Yáser Asprilla in Bajo Baudó.

Among the departments that contribute three players to the team is Valle del Cauca with Johan Mojica and John Lucumí who were born in Cali and Jéfferson Lerma who is a native of Cerrito and Cauca, the place where Luis Sinisterra was born in Santander de Quilichao, Yerry Mina in Guachené and Dávinson Sánchez in Caloto.

Yerri Mina represents Cauca along with Luis Sinisterra and Dávinson Sánchez – credit Mariana Greif/REUTERS

One of the highlights of the Colombia team is Luis Díaz, who was born in Barrancas, La Guajira, a department he shares with goalkeeper Álvaro Montero, whose birthplace is El Molino.

The rest of the geographical areas have only one player on the list, since Bolívar with Cartagena contributes Jorge Carrascal, Barranquilla in the Atlantic is the birthplace of Rafael Santos Borré, Norte de Santander contributes the captain of the national team, James Rodríguez, who was born in Cúcuta; Tierralta, Córdoba, was the birthplace of Miguel Ángel Borja and Bogotá has as its sole representative the starting goalkeeper of the eleventh coffee team, Camilo Vargas.

Luis Díaz represents La Guajira and Camilo Vargas is the only player born in Bogotá who will compete in the Copa América 2024 – credit Hannah Mckay/REUTERS

Argentine Néstor Lorenzo assured that his main objective is to win the Copa América in the United States, as he feels confident with the team’s recent good performance that would support this aspiration. It is necessary to note that Colombia has only won this tournament once, in 2001, and since then it has not managed to reach the final, remaining in the semifinals in the 2004, 2016 and 2021 editions.

Lorenzo, who took over as coach of the coffee team on June 2, 2022, was successful in restore confidence in the team after its failure in the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, since under his direction, the team is undefeated in 23 gamesgiven that in its most recent preparation, on June 15, the team finished with a convincing 3-0 victory against Bolivia.

Néstor Lorenzo aims to win the Copa América with Colombia – credit Hannah Mckay/REUTERS

Part of Lorenzo’s success is due to his ability to balance experience and youth on the team. Veteran players such as goalkeeper Camilo Vargas and midfielder James Rodríguez have become fundamental pieces in the team, as have promising young players such as Kevin Castaño and Richard Ríos.

The coach has also incorporated outstanding players such as full-back Daniel Muñoz, midfielder Jhon Arias and forward Rafael Santos Borré, although the star of the team continues to be winger Luis Díaz of Liverpool.

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