Shock and bullying caused false accusations of robbery to a woman in La Guajira

Caterin Paola Contreras Daza will now begin to clear her name.

Catering Paola Contreras Daza; a 36-year-old mother of a family who lives in the Conejo townshiprural area of municipality of Fonseca is devastated after being falsely accused by the Police of a robbery at the renowned Olympic store of the town in question.

The situation, which began as a misunderstanding, has left Cáterin fighting to clear her name from the harassment generated by the incorrect police information, since the environment for her took an even more painful turn when one of her daughters was the object of teasing and bullying by a little friend. «My daughters are suffering for something I did not do. This has tarnished our reputation and deeply affected our family.”she expressed visibly affected.

For Cáterin, the nightmare began when police officers mistakenly approached her inside the Olympic store and they accused her of theft in front of other customers and employees, which for her was humiliating and heartbreaking, even though she received good treatment from the agents.

The event occurred this Sunday, June 16, 2024, and marked the life of Cáterin Paola Contreras Daza, to such an extent that from the moment she regained her freedom she locked herself in her home and placed her cell phone on silent and in airplane mode.

The context when it was known by the third local prosecutor on duty URIabstained from taking that case to a hearing because no crime was established and it was his responsibility to give legality to the hearing on second municipal court of Fonsecain the head of the judge Dany José Redondo Ceballos.

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Contreras Daza, is mother of three daughters; She is an entrepreneur from the town of Canaverals, in San Juan del Cesar. but it resides in the township of Rabbitmunicipality of Fonseca.

“I don’t know when that information was leaked. They took photos of me, that was at a time when I was in a moment of panic. “I don’t know how it happened, at what moment, because it happened so quickly that I don’t know what happened.”

Both in the township where he lives and where he works he has a business called Delights Kquite busy places because as she says, she puts love and a lot of discipline into everything.

“I am a community mother in the town of Cañaverales, I am a Social Worker, a forward-thinking woman, I have a business in my home, a fast food business, I am the mother of three girls and I have my home formed,” young adult Caterin Paola said through tears.

It is evident that the situation experienced by underlines the importance of precision and sensitivity in police communications, as well as the need to protect the reputation and emotional well-being of people involved in delicate situations such as this.

Contreras Daza was released this Sunday afternoon. She said that her family is studying the possibility of placing this situation in the hands of a lawyer so that her good name can be restored through criminal proceedings.

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