Tomorrow the verdict in the sexual abuse case will be known

Tomorrow the verdict in the sexual abuse case will be known
Tomorrow the verdict in the sexual abuse case will be known

The three-time former governor of Tucumán Joseph Alperovich He will know this Tuesday whether or not he is convicted of sexual abuse after reporting nine incidents against him. his niece and former advisor that occurred between 2017 and 2018, both in Buenos Aires and in the northern province.

These are facts for which the complaint demanded a sentence of 22 years in prison and the prosecutor Sandro Abraldes of 16 years and six months, added to the perpetual disqualification from holding public office and the general inhibition of assets for reparation to the victim.

Alperovich is obliged to attend the verdict and will do so in custody, as defined by Judge Juan Ramos Padilla.

The process against José Alperovich

When requesting the conviction, both the prosecution and the complaint demanded that the former president be detained, so in addition to deciding whether or not he is guilty, the Court will have to define whether he goes to prison if convicted.

For now, Alperovich was always free after being denounced in November 2019 and now only has a ban on leaving the country.

According to the complaint, the first events occurred in Buenos Aires at the end of 2017 shortly after the victim began working as an advisor to Alperovich, who two years later ran for governor and lost.

At that time he was a senator and that is why he often came to Buenos Aires with his advisor and now victim, his niece.

Two of the nine acts of sexual abuse occurred in the apartment that Alperovich has in Puerto Madero but the most serious cases occurred in March 2018 in the province of Tucumán.

The defense position

In its argument, the defense tried to disqualify the victim who worked as an advisor between 2017 and 2018 for Alperovich and was his niece who lived in Tucumán but also traveled with him to the Federal Capital when she had to appear in sessions of the senate.

He even alleged that the victim used “the same phrases” as did the other who accused the actor Juan Darthes of sexual abuse, who was recently convicted in Brazil.

Those phrases to which the lawyer alluded are what Alperovich supposedly said to the victim in one of the ten acts of sexual abuse for which he came to trial: “Look how you make me,” he graphed.

“It is striking that Alperovich and Darthes used the same phrase” towards the victims, “when they don’t even know each other,” he added.

Garrido accused the complainant that “she had no spontaneity” in her story, “lack of consistency” and even “used in her free story the same words as the events that she had reported in writing that started this process, it is not normal.” .


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