five ideal destinations in Buenos Aires, according to artificial intelligence

Among the main attractions of Tandil is the Sierra del Tigre Natural Reserve, an ideal place to enjoy the mountains, the incredible flora and the typical fauna of the region. In this space there is also a Nature Sanctuary, perfect for an immersive experience in the natural environment.

Another point of interest is the Moving Stone, where a replica of the original stone weighing more than 300 tons is currently located. This site, known as Parque Lítico de La Piedra Movediza, offers a viewpoint with impressive views of the mountains and the city, making this an ideal activity to do as a family in contact with nature.


Cerro Centinela is another excellent option in Tandil, with its complex that has chairlifts and trails for trekking. In addition, it houses a highly recommended pastry restaurant and the picturesque Moorish castle, adding a special touch to the visit.

We cannot fail to mention the Monument to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, located in Parque Independencia next to Lago Del Fuerte. This monument is surrounded by a natural environment with spectacular views, offering a cultural and recreational visit.

For food lovers, the Mercado de la Estación is a must-see place. Here you can taste and buy fresh products and the typical gastronomy of Tandil, highlighting the field preparations that are a distinctive hallmark of the region.

San Antonio de Areco

Just 110 km from the City of Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Areco is a picturesque colonial town where the gaucho tradition is still alive. It is an ideal destination for a picnic getaway, where you can go horseback riding and enjoy food in traditional grocery stores. A must stop is La Blanqueada, a historic grocery store that appears in the work “Don Segundo Sombra” by Ricardo Güiraldes. More than 150 years old, La Blanqueada is an emblem of the gaucho tradition and has been declared a National Historical Monument.

San Antonio de Areco.png

Another recommended visit is La Porteña de Areco, a ranch that offers lodging, food and typical activities for a day in the countryside. This place, also declared a Historical Monument, allows visitors to immerse themselves in rural life and enjoy the typical hospitality of the region.

San Antonio de Areco is also known for its regional product stores, chocolate shops and saddleries, where you can buy local crafts and enjoy traditional delicacies. During the month of June, the town offers guided tours to the Ricardo Güiraldes Gauchesco Museum, as well as traditional bars, Creole dances and guitar music, providing a complete immersion in gaucho culture.

Window Mountain

Located in the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires, it is a reserve that stands out for its natural, historical and cultural attractions. This extensive 180 km long mountain range has its highest point at Cerro Tres Picos, which reaches 1,239 meters. The region offers a wide variety of tourist options, including alternative, historical, cultural and even religious tourism, with the Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park being one of its main attractions. This park, with natural beauties dating back about 500 million years, is an ideal place for nature lovers.

In Sierra de la Ventana, visitors can stay in various cabins that provide the necessary comfort to enjoy a long weekend in June. Among the points of interest are the Pillahuincó Botanical Garden, multiple waterfalls, hills and viewpoints, as well as a rich biodiversity that includes wild horses and copper iguanas.

Window saw.png

The natural environment of Sierra de la Ventana is perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking, horseback riding and running. In addition, the region’s Golf Club offers a sporting experience in an environment of impressive landscapes.

For those interested in archaeology, the area has the Chechehet Cemetery, which houses remains of native peoples, the Grotto of the Spirits and cave paintings dating back 1,500 years. It is also possible to visit historic buildings and museums, as well as various religious sites, including parishes, chapels and sanctuaries.

To plan a visit during the next long weekend in June, it is advisable to consult the travel guide available on the official Sierra de la Ventana website, which provides detailed information on all the activities and places of interest in the region.

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata, known as La Feliz, is a classic getaway destination among the inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires. This coastal city offers a wide range of activities to enjoy during the June long weekend, in addition to its iconic postcards and its varied gastronomic offer.

Emblematic places such as the port, the Torreón del Monje and Sierra de los Padres are options that always guarantee an attractive day in Mar del Plata. In addition, visitors can delight in the typical Manolo churros and the Fonte D’Oro or Sao croissants, along with the traditional offering of fresh seafood and fish.

Mar del Plata.png

The gastronomy of Mar del Plata is constantly growing, making the city an ideal destination within the province of Buenos Aires for lovers of good food. With a wide variety of culinary options to suit all tastes, visitors can enjoy a unique dining experience during their stay in the city.

San Pedro and the Paraná Delta

San Pedro, located on the banks of the Paraná River, is a quiet destination that offers the opportunity to enjoy outdoor walks without the overwhelming presence of large numbers of tourists. With its charming historic center and picturesque atmosphere, San Pedro is the perfect place for a long weekend getaway in June.

Saint Peter.png

Visitors can explore the historic center of the city, visit the Vuelta de Obligado Natural Historical Park and enjoy walks along the wide coastal promenade that borders the river. Additionally, an unmissable experience is taking boat tours through the Paraná Delta, exploring its winding channels and lush vegetation.

With a diverse tourist offer and a relaxed atmosphere, San Pedro is the ideal destination for those looking to escape the large tourist centers and enjoy the tranquility and fresh air of the countryside. A 2 or 3-day getaway is enough to discover the charms of this picturesque city and enjoy moments of relaxation next to the Paraná River.


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