Not only was it the title, the Colombian soccer final left more than $22,000 million for businesses in Bucaramanga

Not only was it the title, the Colombian soccer final left more than $22,000 million for businesses in Bucaramanga
Not only was it the title, the Colombian soccer final left more than $22,000 million for businesses in Bucaramanga

On June 16, the champions were honored in Bucaramanga – credit Atlético Bucaramanga

In addition to making history, winning the first title in the history of Atlético Bucaramanga, Rafael Dudamel’s team also managed to add several economic benefits to his club.

Among them are $500,000 that Conmebol gives to the champion of each semester in Colombia, $1,000 million pesos that Dimayor recognizes, plus future profits from its participation in the Copa Libertadores.

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Regarding this, the Santander club will receive at least three million dollars for being in the group stage, which could increase if a positive participation is recorded, since for each victory it receives $330,000 dollars.

In addition to these figures, To this we must add $3,000 million that the club received from the box office of the match played at the Américo Montanini stadium and the sale of the institution’s clothing..

In addition to the sporting glory, Bucaramanga’s victory represented a positive weekend for the economy of the capital of Santander, since the two games of the Colombian soccer final left profits of more than $22,000 million, according to the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga.

This entity indicated that The first leg, which took place on June 8, left profits of more than $10.6 billion, while the second leg, on June 18, allowed businesses to earn up to $12 billion..

The Santander club became champion for the first time in its history – credit Dimayor

Some of the most benefited were the owners of retail businesses, since according to the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce, they registered an increase of up to 30% in sales, with more than $8,000 million in sales.

Because 1,000 Bucaramanga fans were in El Campín, this without adding the managers, journalists and guests of the game who traveled to Bogotá, Flights and bus trips to the capital generated an impact of $1,064 million.

Because their team was in the final, many Bucaramanga fans sought to take advantage of the context in sports betting, which made this market obtain $6,000 million.

Finally, another union that benefited was the bars and nightclubs, which during the first leg recorded profits of 1,377 million and $2,400 during the second leg.

Although the Secretariat of Security and the Metropolitan Police of Bucaramanga implemented a strategy that sought to make football the protagonist during the weekend, multiple cases of thefts and robberies were also recorded in the capital of Santander.

One of the most notable was recorded on June 16 in the Girardot neighborhood, where Three men dressed in Atlético Bucaramanga clothing entered a neighborhood store to rob the citizens who were inside the establishment and its owners.either.

According to the authorities, these subjects were traveling in a taxi that had its license plate covered with a flag of the Leopardo club and in this event they managed to steal one million pesos from the business and several cell phones.

“The thief told him to give him the money or he would shoot him. “He forced her to open the cash register,” said one of the witnesses to the robbery. Vanguard.

Thieves dressed in Atlético Bucaramanga clothing robbed a store – credit Social Networks

Another case that went viral on social networks was in which a fan stole the medal that had been given by the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office to defender Carlos Henao; however, Due to the exposure of the case, the mother of the man, who was identified as Sergio Luna, decided to alert the authorities so that the object could be recovered..

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