Neighbors caught two thieves and forced them to sing the Anthem and “Arroz con Leche”: “If they make a mistake, everything rots”

Two criminals received an unusual “lesson” in the last few hours from a group of residents of the Buenos Aires town of Virrey del Pino that the caught when they were trying to commit a robbery in the zone.

The scene was recorded by a witness with a cell phone. In the images you can hear when one of the neighbors He asked the suspects to sing Arroz pudding and, immediately afterwards, the two men began to sing the song kneeling on the floor.

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“Don’t hit them, I want them to sing!” the man ordered later, before the people who surrounded to the thieves. Then, another of the people who was in the place said: “Now they are going to sing the Anthem, if they make a mistake everything rots”.

The images went viral on the networks.

After the neighbor’s warning, one of the criminals, visibly nervous, He confessed: “I don’t know the Anthem.” However, the two ended up singing the national song, one putting a hand on the heart and the other with the palms of his hands facing the sky.

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In the video that went viral in the last few hours on social networks, the sequence was resolved with a final threat from the group of neighbors to the thieves. “You don’t have to come here anymore, “We are going to break them all!” they warned them. It is unknown what happened to the suspects next.

Another similar case

Insecurity does not give truce and more and more cases of arrests by citizens. Months ago, Almirante Brown’s neighbors also subdued two other criminals to an unusual punishment.

The criminals were accused of having committed at least 3 robberies in the area.

Apparently, the couple of thieves were already known in the area and came across a group of people who He recognized them on the street. Then a frenetic sequence was unleashed, the images of which were filmed with cell phones by different witnesses at the scene.

The neighbors caught the two criminals, They tied them by the neck with ropes, forced them to walk on their knees and they threatened to set them on fire.

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