This would be Colombia’s ideal 11 per minutes played

This would be Colombia’s ideal 11 per minutes played
This would be Colombia’s ideal 11 per minutes played
Colombia selection

The Argentine made one last test in a friendly against Bolivia before the debut against Paraguay.

Lorenzo and Colombian players
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Jenny Gamez

June 17, 2024, 09:00 p.m. m.

There are very few days left until the Colombian National Team makes its debut in the 2024 Copa América, a tournament in which it has promised to aim for the title, elusive since 2001.

And although there are minimal details left to complete the preparation, there may well be some surprises for that duel against Paraguay, on June 24 in Houston, United States.


Copa America 2024

The clear thing is that there is an undefeated record of 20 games that supports the decisions of coach Néstor Lorenzo, no matter how controversial they are. It is evident that there are more successes than failures and that the players support him to the death.

The trust he has gained by maintaining historical figures such as James, Ospina, Vargas, Dávinson, Mina, Uribe or Borré, supported by the revelations of Díaz, Muñoz, Sinisterra, Lerma, Castaño, Ríos, Arias or even Durán and Asprilla ensure stability in the process. But now it’s time to take all those good feelings to the titles.

The Praetorian Guard

It is evident, after the last tests against the United States (5-1) and Bolivia (3-0), that Lorenzo’s starting roster will be basically the same that has continued under his command and that is almost recited by heart.

​Vargas; Muñoz, Lucumí and someone else between Dávinson, Cuesta and Mina, Machado; Lerma, Uribe; James, Arias, Díaz and Borré seem to be the permanent ones. But Lorenzo always has a surprise in store.

Ospina’s absence was prolonged and Vargas, who stood in line for so many years, knew how to take advantage of it: he totaled 1,077 minutes, one of the four that exceeds the thousand-minute barrier.

The novelty comes from the defense: Muñoz and Lucumí have no discussion, with 1,175 and 1,187 minutes, respectively. Afterwards many had the opportunity: Mina despite her injuries; Cuesta, who seems not to be completely convincing even though he is Lucumí’s great partner; Yerson Mosquera, Willer Ditta and of course, Dávinson Sánchez, the one who would keep the position with his 788 effective minutes of play, beyond the bad time he had at Tottenham at the end and the constant substitutions at the end of the season with Galatasaray.

In the midfield Lerma is absolutely indisputable with his 962 minutes in the Lorenzo era, but his teammate could be a novelty.

Uribe went to Qatar, he took the risk and the bet did not work out because he has not played at a high level since December and this year he barely played minutes due to a complex injury. Men like Castaño and Ríos took advantage of this loss in the Qualifiers, the latter being the most current, since the first went to Mexico and then to Russia and lost continuity. And yet Al-Sadd’s man, injured after the friendly match against the United States and without regularity, would start with 812 minutes.

Attack, untouchable

Afterwards, who would dare to doubt the men fixed on the offensive task? Arias, with 980 minutes; James with 861 and Díaz, with 1,128, would be support for Borré, the 9th in the process, who along with Lucho is in all the pools as a starter against Paraguay, as he completes 969 minutes.

It should be the most structured area and the one with the least rotation, since Sinisterra has been a victim of injuries, Carrascal has gone from strength to strength since last year, Yaser is just getting closer and Quintero will always be the substitute for his friend Rodríguez.

Another discussion is the number 9 because although Borré has left Germany for Brazil and barely has minutes in ten games with Internacional, his movements and his understanding with the starters put him above the good streak of Borja or Córdoba and the youth of Durán. The line looks long.

In any case, this is the basis of the team that is third in the Qualifiers and the dream of Colombia’s second title in the history of the Copa América. We go into this battle hand in hand with him. May the force be with you.

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