Meet the Municipal Ambassador of Inclusive Folklore 2024-2025

Meet the Municipal Ambassador of Inclusive Folklore 2024-2025
Meet the Municipal Ambassador of Inclusive Folklore 2024-2025

Lina Sofía Galindo and Sara Valentina Pérez also stood out, achieving first and second place.

The event

The First Municipal Disability Folklore Meeting was held with great success, an event that filled the community with joy and pride. Angie Madeleny Álvarez was crowned the Municipal Ambassador of Inclusive Folklore 2024-2025, impressing everyone with her impeccable performance on stage.

«This event is an example of the immense talent and cultural wealth that exists in our community of people with disabilities. “We are proud to be able to provide them with this space so they can shine and share their passion for folklore with all of us.”said Mayor Johana Aranda.

In addition to Álvarez’s victory, other participants also stood out with brilliant performances. Lina Sofía Galindo was the first runner-up and Sara Valentina Pérez was the second runner-up.

The 11 contenders for the crown captivated the audience with their performances of the traditional smuggler’s dance. Their troupes were applauded for the energy and color they brought to the stage.

«We are committed to continuing to promote initiatives that promote the inclusion and recognition of our people with disabilities. Events like this are essential to celebrate their diversity and their contribution to our culture.”highlighted Carolina Hurtado Barrera, Secretary of Community Social Development.

Special recognitions

In addition to the crown, special recognitions were given to all the ambassadors for their performance and dedication:

  • Lina Sofía Galindo: Most supportive candidate
  • Ana Isabel: Most honest candidate
  • María Ospina: Most creative candidate
  • Sara Valentina Pérez: Most committed candidate
  • Gladys Machado: Most resilient candidate
  • Angie Madeleny Álvarez: Most generous candidate
  • María Camila Borja: Bravest candidate
  • María Isabel: Most honest candidate
  • Viviana Barrero: Kindest candidate
  • Adriana Escobar: Most persevering candidate
  • Estefanía Morales: Candidate with more tolerance
  • Angie Barragán: Candidate with more empathy

The event not only celebrated folk culture but also inclusion and diversity, reinforcing the community’s commitment to the recognition and support of people with disabilities.

PHOTO: Angie Álvarez selected as Municipal Ambassador of Inclusive Folklore 2024-2025.


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