community denounces that the financial center of Bogotá is ‘flooded’ with rats and dirt

community denounces that the financial center of Bogotá is ‘flooded’ with rats and dirt
community denounces that the financial center of Bogotá is ‘flooded’ with rats and dirt

Neighbors of the Financial Center sector, in Bogotá, reported an “invasion” of rats in the green areas that have been at risk not only the image of the exclusive area but also the health of the residents and commercial premises that are nearby.

The moment in which the “pack” of rats hides in one of the green areas of 70th Street, near Av. Chile, located in the town of Chapinero. Despite the surprising images, The truth is that this is not the first time that area residents have reported the presence of rodents.

“The number of rats is impressive. Bogotá in the hands of Mayor Galán, like it is a complete disaster, and while some Bogotá councilors like a certain Briceño, more interested in being stuck with members of the Historical Pact, than doing their job, and at least trying to do something for Bogotá”, were some of the comments that users have left on social networks.

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by bacteria in the urine of rats.


The garbage problem in Bogotá

This same situation is suffered in several parts of the capital. In fact, in a presentation made in the Bogotá Council, Regarding the Development Plan ‘Bogotá Camina Segura’ (PDD), the District itself accepts that there are almost 700 critical points of clandestine garbage dumping.

There are several neighborhoods affected by this plague.


It is enough to take a tour to realize that in sectors like El Codito, in the town of Usaquén, chaos reigns and rats come out of the surroundings of the road where you travel by public transport. Garbage, boxes, rotten fruit, mattresses and even furniture adorn the route, at least on the weekends. Families pass through there with their children, dogs and floating population, who have to make ropes to walk, but it is also these and the commerce, who remove the filth at odd hours.

Also, pipes like the one on Boyacá Avenue shine for being full of rubble and garbage and also being a hiding place for those who take advantage of it to steal in the surrounding neighborhoods. EL TIEMPO also visited Boyacá Avenue with Carrera 72 and there is a whole cemetery of tires, mattresses and debris.

Rats in Bogotá.

Photo:Nicolás Romero / Citytv

At the same time, councilors like Diana Diago have highlighted the critical situation that exists in other areas. In May of this year she took a tour with her work team through the canal of the transversal 33 South, where she found what she called an open-air garbage dump. He said that it is incredible that Bogota residents have to put up with bad odors around their environments, due to the lack of forceful strategies on the part of the District.

“The residents of the Bravo Páez and Matatigres neighborhoods are tired of the bad smells, the presence of homeless people and a landscape full of garbage, all of this is the perfect scenario for insecurity. We have been in this government for almost five months and we see no action or solution. “Citizens are asking for forcefulness, not more warm water wipes,” the lobbyist mentioned.


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