Bullrich met with the Justice and Intelligence authorities of El Salvador after ratifying the plan to replicate the Bukele model

Bullrich met with the Justice and Intelligence authorities of El Salvador after ratifying the plan to replicate the Bukele model
Bullrich met with the Justice and Intelligence authorities of El Salvador after ratifying the plan to replicate the Bukele model

Minister Patricia Bullrich held important meetings in El Salvador

Patricia BullrichMinister of Security, is visiting The Savior until next Wednesday the 19th with the aim of knowing in detail the structure that allowed Nayib Bukele’s government to reduce crime. To do this, this Monday he was at the Central Headquarters of the National Civil Police (PNC) in the early hours of the day. In the same sense, he continued his activity with the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodolfo Delgado.

The Argentine official traveled to the Central American country to become even more familiar with the structure of laws and organizations that support the public security policies. This is because, according to official data, El Salvador went from being the most violent country in the world and having 145 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants to 2 per 100,000 inhabitants. Which allowed crime rates to drop in that country.

In this regard, Bullrich intends to analyze the favorable aspects that can be replicated in our country to lower crime rates. One of the main focuses is on the situation of the city of rosary beadsin Santa Fe, in accordance with what is established by the Ministry of Security.

Public security policy is one of the central axes of the trip

Besides, Julian Curi, Undersecretary of Penitentiary Affairs; and the national director of Criminal Intelligence, Ricardo Ferrer Picadomet with the vice minister of Security and Justice, Osiris Moon; the director of Penal Centers, Rodolfo Campos Suncin; and the head of International Cooperation of the Penitentiary System of El Salvador, Carlos Pineda.

All of them are part of the delegation that accompanies the head of the Security portfolio, as well as Alberto Föhrignational director of International Cooperation and Juan Pablo Arenazalegislator of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Among the most notable points, the plans that were put in place in the penal centers were reviewed, such as the Zero Leisure Plan. This generated the interest of local officials. The philosophy of the aforementioned plan aims to work for society from inside the prisons, generating rehabilitation and jobs for prisoners. At the same time, they highlighted another important characteristic: it is self-sustaining and does not generate charges or expenses for society.

They do public works, they clean“There are technical training centers like in the Mariona establishment, they repair State cars, carry out shoemaking work, textile machinery and make uniforms for the school, police, health and sports systems,” the officials said during their visit to El Savior.

That Tuesday will be the meeting between Bullrich and Nayib Bukele

Likewise, the Minister of National Security published a message on her social networks: “From a country co-governed by criminal organizations to a country where the full rule of law governs. Today the Salvadorans regained their freedom thanks to the enormous work of the National Civil Police and a strong State determined to destroy the mafias,” he highlighted in his X account from the Central American country.

Also, before the closing of the official visit, which will take place this Wednesday, June 19, Patricia Bullrich will have the opportunity to meet tomorrow with the president Nayib Bukelewho demonstrated great political harmony with Javier Milei. “Our presidents, together to fight the mafias and bring peace to our countries”had been the message this Sunday from the head of the Ministry, in a preview of what will be the tone of the meeting.

Previously, Bullrich was yesterday at the National Public Security Academy, where she was received by César Flores Murillo, director of the institution. Known as the ANSP, the organization is responsible for the training and training of members of the National Civil Police and other public security forces in El Salvador.

Patricia Bullrich visited a prison in El Salvador and ratified the plan to replicate the Bukele model

In the context of her tour, the national minister observed the various training activities, learned about the educational programs and held conversations about the practices implemented in the professionalization of the police forces.

Then it was the turn to move to the Terrorism Confinement Center. The CECOT is a maximum security facility that is designed to house the gang members and other prisoners considered highly dangerous. Furthermore, for the Salvadoran government it plays a central role in the strategy to dismantle criminal structures and reduce violence rates in the country.

With a capacity for 40 thousand prisoners, the detention center is located in an isolated rural area, in the district of Tecoluca, jurisdiction of San Vicente Sur, about 69 kilometers southeast of San Salvador. There he visited the facilities and also learned about the security measures implemented. In this sense, the importance of having penitentiary centers specialized in the fight against organized crime.

The agenda of the Minister of National Security will end on Wednesday the 19th

Regarding the relevance of his visit, Bullrich expressed himself through social networks: “I arrived in El Salvador and, at the National Academy of Public Security, I was with its general director, César Flores Murillo. He shared with me a very complete and detailed explanation about the administration of the Police and its important results.”

“I was also with Selvin Misael Perdomo González and Josselin Esmeralda Leonardo García, graduates of the Argentine National Gendarmerie, who share and apply their knowledge in the Police here. “It is a pride to export the energy, discipline and loyalty of our force!” concluded the Minister of National Security.

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