Natural gas in homes in Colombia reached more than 413,000 new users in 2023

Natural gas in homes in Colombia reached more than 413,000 new users in 2023
Natural gas in homes in Colombia reached more than 413,000 new users in 2023
Natural gas in homes in Colombia reached more than 413,000 new users in 2023. Image: Valora Analitk

Natural gas, as an essential public service, has played a crucial role in the social and economic transformation of the country, offering democratized access capable of improving the quality of life of more than 36 million Colombian citizens (12 million Colombian households). , and, according to data from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, It reached more than 413,243 new residential users connected at the end of 2023.

According to the 2023 National Quality of Life Survey, published by DANE, it reveals that 69% of households cook with natural gas, while 8.7% of the population (1,560,000 households) He still continues to cook his food with firewood, stoves, among other polluting and inefficient materials.

This last figure maintains the insistent call of the natural gas industry to maintain energy security to expand the massification of this service in order to replace polluting materials for cooking food.

“By connecting more homes to the natural gas network, we are improving the quality of life of millions of Colombians, especially those in vulnerable situations. For this reason, the replacement of highly polluting fuels such as firewood for cooking must be a priority on the national agenda and natural gas has the capacity to reduce energy poverty and promote the transition of homes,” said Luz Stella Murgas, president by Naturgas.

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Studies carried out by the International Energy Agency (IEA), evidence that one in three people, mainly in the poorest regions of the world, still lack access to clean cooking facilitieswhich results in millions of premature deaths annually, due to inhalation of smoke from open fires or wood stoves, which directly impacts women and children in homes.

In addition, it highlights the role of natural gas as a public service to promote the transition towards cleaner stoves, as an effective strategy to improve people’s quality of life. reduce carbon emissions by promoting a safer and healthier environment for communities, and helps improve the economy of the most vulnerable populations.

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An example of its impact on communities has been recorded in villages in the departments of the Coffee Region, where communities still cooked with firewood.

According to Naturgas, with the management of the distribution company Efigas, To date, 24% of the beneficiaries (1,287 peasant families) have transformed their lives through the connection of natural gas in their territories.

According to German Murillo, resident and leader of the Pueblo Viejo village, adjacent to the municipality of Neira (Caldas), “natural gas generates a very positive impact, it is a respite for all of us, because we stop being in the mountains cutting sticks. and mistreating nature to cook.”

Another resident of the area, Marta Lucía Cárdenas, added: “the 84 families of Pueblo Viejo will enjoy this service and we will save expenses and time. This project was highly anticipated by the entire neighborhood, it is a joy to have it.

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According to the union, The 36 million Colombians who cook with natural gas today need to maintain the availability of this energy that the industry delivers to users.. “Colombia urgently needs more access to this public service, the most economical of basic services, and which has allowed other countries to develop and reduce energy poverty.”

Naturgas recalled that Natural gas is a low-emission, economical resource that dignifies the lives of those who have historically been most forgotten and excluded.

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