They hid stolen cars in a stolen house

Neuquén Police personnel carried out a strong search operation in a home. lThe investigation began in search of stolen carsbut they found that the house did not belong to the detainees.

According to police sources, The raid was carried out this Monday, June 17, in the rural Valentina Norte neighborhood of the city of Neuquén. They lived in the house three people who hid stolen vehicles and other items inside.

They explained that the legal case arose due to complaints that mentioned car theft. When the investigation begann, they managed to locate a home that, with authorization from Justice, was raided.

At the same place They were able to identify three men who, after being detained, were taken to the police station. As part of the operation they found a VW Voyage car and a Renault SymbolThey also found items that belonged to the victims such as lounge chairs, cricket tables, documents, umbrellas, and spare wheels.

As for the house where the detainees were staying, they were able to determine that it belonged to a woman who had not lived there for five months.. In this way, both the cars and the home were returned to their respective owners.


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