When does the 2024 Copa América and 2026 Qualifiers play?

ANDIn the history of national team football, Colombia only has one title, it was in the 2001 Copa América that it played as a local and with a couple of asterisks: absence of Argentina and presence of Brazil with team ‘B’. That’s why, The current generation is called to win a title and thus leave its mark, after several years of good results and longing for consecration.

But The obligation is not only for the history, but also for the good recent games and a good present for those led by Néstor Lorenzo, who since his arrival has not lost and inherited a handful of matches that Reinaldo Rueda had at the end of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers and a friendly with Héctor Cárdenas as the coach in charge.

In total they are Colombia has played 23 matches without losing, but taking into account the process with Lorenzo, there are 20 consecutive matches without losing (14 friendlies and 6 in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers).. The balance is 18 wins and 5 draws, with 38 goals scored and 14 conceded. Numbers that fill with confidence, but also carry a great weight, everything will depend on how the team handles it.

Colombia matches in the Copa América 2024

Brazil is the head of Group D, always the favorite for the title, but Colombia is called to surprise the five-time champions in the world and this was shown in the Qualifiers with the 2-1 victory in Barranquilla in November 2024. While Paraguay and Costa Rica complete the zone, hoping to get into the round of 16 and wanting to challenge Lorenzo’s men.

  • Date 1: Colombia vs. Paraguay

Stadium: NRG Stadium, Houston

Date and time: Monday, June 24, 5:00 pm (Colombia Time)

TV Channel: Caracol Televisión, Canal RCN and DSports

Link to watch online: Caracol Gol Page – RCN Football Page – DGO

  • Date 2: Colombia vs. Costa Rica

Stadium: State Farm Stadium, Glendale

Date and time: Friday, June 28, 5:00 pm (Colombia Time) State Farm Stadium, Glendale

TV Channel: Caracol Televisión, Canal RCN and DSports

Link to watch online: Caracol Gol Page – RCN Football Page – DGO

  • Date 3: Colombia vs. Brazil

Stadium: Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara

Date and time: Tuesday, July 2 – 8:00 pm (Colombia Time) Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara

TV Channel: Caracol Televisión, Canal RCN and DSports

Link to watch online: Caracol Gol Page – RCN Football Page – DGO

Possible rivals for Colombia in the 2024 Copa América finals

Yeah Colombia passes as first in Group D, the rival will be second in Group C (United States, Uruguay, Panama or Bolivia), that game would be July 6 at State Farm Stadium, Glendale. If ‘la Tricolor’ passes as second, the rival will leave the rival from the same zone C at Allegiant Stadium, Paradise, and it would be that same sixth day of the sixth month of the year.

If you advance to the semi-finals, The rival would be one of those who passes from Group C of their respective bracket or a selection that they already know from Group D that passes from the series.. That game would be played on July 10 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

So, in case of reaching the final or third and fourth place, will meet those who play in Group A (Argentina, Peru, Chile or Canada) and Group B (Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela or Jamaica). Remembering that the consolation game is on July 13 at the same Bank of America Stadium and the final is on July 14 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

When does the Colombian National Team play in the 2024 World Cup Qualifiers?

Played the first 6 dates of the Conmebol qualifiers for the United States, Mexico and Canada 2026 World Cup, ‘the Tricolor’ has faced Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil and Paraguay. And in the second part of the year 2024 comes the continuation of the qualification with another 6 matches between September and November. While the last 6 duels will be between March and September 2025.

Date 1: Colombia 1-0 Venezuela – September 7, 2023

Date 2: Chile 0-0 Colombia – September 12, 2023

Date 3: Colombia 2-2 Uruguay – October 12, 2023

Date 4: Ecuador 0-0 Colombia – October 17, 2023

Date 5: Colombia 2-1 Brazil – November 16, 2023

Date 6: Paraguay 0-1 Colombia – November 21, 2023

Date 7: Peru vs. Colombia – September 5, 2024

Date 8: Colombia vs. Argentina – September 10, 2024

Date 9: Bolivia vs. Colombia – October 10, 2024

Date 10: Colombia vs. Chile – October 15, 2024

Date 11: Uruguay vs. Colombia – November 14, 2024

Date 12: Colombia vs. Ecuador – November 19, 2024

Date 13: Brazil vs. Colombia – March 20, 2025

Date 14: Colombia vs. Paraguay – March 25, 2025

Date 15: Colombia vs. Peru – September 4, 2025

Date 16: Argentina vs. Colombia – September 9, 2025

Date 17: Colombia vs. Bolivia – October 9, 2025

Date 18: Venezuela vs. Colombia – October 14, 2025

Remember that the first 6 go directly to the orbital event, the seventh goes to the playoffs and currently Néstor Lorenzo’s team is third.

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