Chronicle: A boy who dreamed of becoming a great announcer

Chronicle: A boy who dreamed of becoming a great announcer
Chronicle: A boy who dreamed of becoming a great announcer

During his listening years, La Mega Ibagué was the ideal companion for him, as he found in its programs, variety, humor and entertainment, the perfect complement for his musical tastes. which also made him wish, one day, to be sharing his voice with great announcers from Tolima.

At the end of his career as a communicator, he was already making his first appearances in radio, on the AM station with a regional identity thanks to one of his great friends Camilo Patiño, While there he had the opportunity to share with great radio people, including Anny Holguín, who through her experience and knowledge motivated him to present his first demo for an FM.

At that moment, Jhon saw it as more likely to fulfill that childhood dream, since the demo was aimed at nothing more than La Mega 107.5, but fate was going to remind him that it was not yet the time to be there, since Although he was in the finalists to occupy the position of DJ, his moment was not yet and although this lesson cost him so much that he even wanted to abandon his dream of becoming an FM, It would be the Mega DJ at that time who, with her dream, pushed his dream even further and motivated him to be there at some point.

Wanting to give some time to the media, Jhon decided to bet on a company that had nothing to do with thesebut fate would say no, because there he began to have a much closer relationship with them, as if to say, this is what you will do at some point.

In the middle of the 3 years away from the media, he wanted to try to enter the media with a new demo, but again destiny would say no, a new attempt of several, in which he would gain experience and resilience, because the reward was closer than I thought.

2023 would be the year in which this dream would materialize, At the moment when I least thought about it and when I was not looking for it, that great opportunity arrived, showing that it is not when you want it, but when it is the right time to be there.

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After a selection process, Freak, director of Mega Ibagué and one of the many voices that had accompanied him on his journey, decided to give him the opportunity to reach FM radio in La Mega Ibagué. Jhon, known today on the radio as J Flow, is one of the DJs of the mega Ibagué, who with his voice tries to provide those same sensations that he felt when he was a listener.

Yeah, Finally his dream came true, finally after 3 attempts, That child who listens to the radio, the one in love with music and speaking, is doing what he likes, with emotion and happiness, demonstrating that with perseverance, effort and dedication, dreams can be achieved.

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