Like a beast! Woman bit a neighbor’s ear off

Like a beast! Woman bit a neighbor’s ear off
Like a beast! Woman bit a neighbor’s ear off

The women began to beat each other, but one of them looked for another attack tactic.

A violent street fight in the El Bombeo sector of the Nelson Mandela neighborhood, in Cartagena, left one woman seriously injured and another in police custody. The altercation occurred last Saturday, June 15, and involved Irleris María Baños Núñez, 34, and ‘María Cristina’, 30.

According to the authorities, the reason for the fight has not yet been clarified, although in the neighborhood it is rumored that it would be related to the infidelity of a man. However, this version has not been confirmed by those involved.

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The confrontation between both women broke out in the middle of a public street, generating a great stir among the residents of the neighborhood. In the middle of the fight, ‘María Cristina’ surprised everyone by biting Irleris’s left ear. Versions say that the woman was left with the bloody piece of meat in her mouth and then spit it out.

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The Metropolitan Police quickly responded to the scene to control the situation. Irleris was rushed to the University Hospital, where she is in the process of recovery. Doctors have diagnosed the amputation of the left pinna, which represents a challenge for its future reconstruction due to the state in which the amputated part was left.

For its part, ‘María Cristina’ was captured at the time of the events and remained in the custody of the authorities.


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