IPS Vive Salud workers in Armenia report that they are owed two months of salary

IPS Vive Salud workers in Armenia report that they are owed two months of salary
IPS Vive Salud workers in Armenia report that they are owed two months of salary


There is no right, IPS workers at Vive Salud in Armenia report that they are owed two months of salary and the company was closed for not meeting the requirements by the Quindío health secretary, the workers were owed between 8 and 10 million pesos

At Caracol Radio Armenia we speak with Liliana Rodríguez one of those affected who recounted what they have had to live through the directives of this IPS, which has its main headquarters in Manizales, but provided palliative care in Armenia.

And he explained “the situation is the following for us They owed us two months of salary, they made us work for two months, let’s say practically for free, Even knowing that there was no longer going to be any more work, on June 2nd the general auditor and the legal representative and the legal representative met us where they told us, oh, surprise that we no longer work except because the company no longer has the more support another salary and that the New EPS has not paid them, that this has been part of the government the same discourse, that we have always heard from the for the same reasons that the IPs have gone bankrupt in how it happened to us in humanizing.

And he added “So it is incredible and that many of us, if not most We were also in the process of closing Humanizar which is for no one, it is a secret that it ended perfectly and we were also left owing.

They lied to us

The Vive Salud directives tell us not to worry, that they are going to give us an account and some payment agreements, well obviously without a peso and it was already 2 months of account that they were going to give us a payment agreement that day and we were waiting, that day arrived and they never showed up, they are from Manizales so they had to go to Manizales, we met again at the company, they never showed up They didn’t show their face to us.

Photo Courtesy affected by the closure of IPS lives health in Armenia

The last thing was to give us some contracts where they had never been made from the beginning, but were made already when they had taken us out, they gave us a contract, but not a contract as if they had been from the first day until that day, but not a contract with everything as it should have been to have.

We received that contract and we signed it, but always in the expectation and in their good faith, that is, we thought that we looked at each other and said this is impossible that this is happening to us again and that God is going to save us. go out with anything, We believed in them and several days passed and that was not possible.

The complainant added that “We contacted the Ministry of Health but we thought that the Ministry of Health was going to be the support to help us see why they had taken us out in such an abrupt way, and oh surprise it was that they came there with a magnifying glass and found any number of inconsistencies, even the point of having to close most of the services, which service with biology, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, even palliative care, which was practically what supported the company.So they put a seal, but as I told you, our purpose was not. We didn’t even know that the company was in those problems, that they didn’t even have the papers up to date, nor the resumes of the professionals. They are updated.

And what did they tell him?

That we have to keep waiting because there is no money, because there are no agreements and why doesn’t it seem that they are not going to make them anymore, well at this moment I could tell you that between about 15 and 20 health professionals, if not more than those who are there on the plant because it seems to be that those who are there have not paid them either. Here we are all a multidisciplinary team, as I told you, we are respiratory therapists, physical therapists or not in biology or occupational work, nutritionists, psychology, that is, it is a large team of employees of health professionals.

How many do they owe them?

We are all owed average salaries in the last two, They owe me more than 8 million pesos, a colleague is owed 10 million pesos, another colleague is owed 12 million pesos. and the company was that I tell you that it is the companion who is pregnant who is in week 37, that girl is going through things that you cannot imagine, she is going hungry because she is a girl who is not from here, she is from the coast and He had to come here obviously to seek new horizons and he also has a 5-year-old child and at this moment that is practically our concern.

Affected users and patients

There was 300 patients to attend to and that we were attending to them, We had a job, they take us out that way and without a penny in our pocket, two months without a penny and if they tell us at least we can half intuit that this is going to happen, well man, we work for a month and we don’t. We all work at least we lose a month, but we lost two months of work

Ministry of Health closed the headquarters of the IPS Vive Salud

The Secretary of Health of the department Carlos Alberto Gómez He confirmed that they actually visited the place and closed the headquarters and explained “we received requests from people who work at the clinic, a series of delays in the payment of the remuneration that they had been receiving for the provision of the service, when everything was verified.” What the clinic has to do is find a provision of home hospitalization services, respiratory and physical therapies and Palliative Care when the part corresponding to the authorization of services was verified.we verified that these services were not enabled, so we proceeded to close these activities.And with the case of the workers, we transferred it to the labor delegation for what falls under its jurisdiction.

Closure of IPS Vive Salud Armenia services. Photo Courtesy citizens

Ministry of Labor

The territorial director of the Ministry of Labor in Quindío Héctor Elías Leal He indicated “effectively last week The IPS Vives Salud Armenia SAS filed a request with this territorial authority for the temporary suspension of activities for up to 120 days. It was a writing where no supporting document has been received, in that sense, on June 11, 2020, in accordance with the justifications that establish the standard for reaching the respective documents, until today we do not have support that allows this Territorial Directorate delegate a labor inspector to investigate the real facts on the ground.

And he added, we must keep in mind that, if the decision is of a financial and economic nature, we collect the information, evaluate it and give it to you. We send to Bogotá so that the central level of the Ministry of Labor is the one who makes the decisionbut if it is due to another circumstance and we will be able to give that authorization or not, at this time, as I reiterate, the IPS has not completed the information.

The IPS Humanizar is over, workers in Quindío demand salaries…

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