Economists from the region deliberated in Catamarca

Economists from the region deliberated in Catamarca
Economists from the region deliberated in Catamarca

June 18, 2024 – 00:02

Yesterday the meeting of presidents of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences of the NOA was held, this time led by the head of the Argentine Federation that concentrates them (FACPCE), José Simonella, and the president of the Professional Council of Catamarca, Federico Rueda. The deliberations took place at the Social and Sports Premises that the Institution owns in the Valle Viejo department.

At the beginning of the regional meeting, the president of FACPCE, José Simonella, detailed the scope of the next meeting of the Governing Board to be held on the 28th of this month in the city of Buenos Aires. In addition, he highlighted the importance of the visits they will receive in this area of ​​discussion, such as the case of officials from the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy (INAES), who will present the rules that govern the operation of cooperatives; as well as the international authorities who will arrive representing the Latin American Group of Financial Reporting Standard Issuers (GLENIF).

On the other hand, in the meeting held in Catamarca, work was done on the topics that the NOA will take to the next FACPCE Governing Board. These are the specific cases of the provinces of Jujuy, by the Malpractice Insurance, and of Tucumán, which organizes the Zonal Meeting of Councils of Economic Sciences to talk about regional economies, where there will also be a business round, organized by the bureau of the host province.

Prior to the meeting of NOA presidents, Governor Raúl Jalil received at the Government House the president of FACPCE, José Simonella, who arrived accompanied by the head of the Professional Council, Federico Rueda, and the Catamarcan accountant Raúl Cipolletti, as a member of the Federal Supervisory Commission. In the meeting with the president, issues related to economic and tax policy at the provincial and national levels were discussed.n

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