Risk of landslides endangers the Vuelta a Colombia passage through the Los Nevados PNN

Risk of landslides endangers the Vuelta a Colombia passage through the Los Nevados PNN
Risk of landslides endangers the Vuelta a Colombia passage through the Los Nevados PNN

Villamaría announced that a negative certificate to carry out the Tour of Colombia because they were not notified by the organizers and the risk conditions due to landslides persist in the San Carlos sector, two kilometers from 8, near the La Esperanza parador.

The announcements are known, after the meeting that took place between the Infrastructure Secretariat, of the Risk Management Unit, the Alternativas Viales Consortium and the Villamaría Mayor’s Office at the Unified Command Post that was formed at 11:00 am in Villamaría to analyze the situation of the passage between Manizales and Murillo (Tolima).

The objective was to review these problems and conditions, then of the landslide that occurred since Saturday night in this sectorwhile passing through the Los Nevados National Natural Park.

Although at this moment there is passage through a lane, the objective is to determine what actions to take before the arrival of the fourth stage of Vuelta a Colombia that begins tomorrow in Mariquita. This would reach the La Esperanza sector along this section, to return and go back up the main road towards the Alto de Letras sector.

The purpose is to determine the risk that exists in this step and whether appropriate conditions exist to ensure road safety.

The definitions will be held in the afternoon hours.

Unpublished stage

73 editions have been held of the Return to Colombia. The mother of the country’s cycling competitions has been raced throughout the national territory.

A paved road is an option to lead the Vuelta. The 74th edition will start today will launch a new route this Tuesday.

The stage of 143 kilometers that will depart in ladybug (Tolima), will go to Falan and Gunsmith Guayabal to ascend to Lebanon, Murillo, El Gualí and the Letter Height.

According to data, It starts at 495 meters above sea level and ascends to 4,300 metersin passing Windows. Part of the route will border the Los Nevados National Natural Park. The accumulated difference amounts to 5 thousand meters.

Tour passes through Caldas

Four stages of the Vuelta a Colombia will touch Caldense soil. The fourth (June 18), which will go from Mariquita to Letras; the fifth (19), from Manizales to Buga; the seventh (21), from Pereira to Riosucio, and the eighth (22), from Supía to Alto de Minas.

  • Tuesday: Mariquita – Falan Crossing – Armero Guayabal – Lebanon – Murillo – Alto de Letras (143.4 kilometers).
  • Wednesday: Manizales – Chinchiná – Santa Rosa de Cabal – Dosquebradas – El Pollo variant – Cerritos – Cartago – Zaragoza – Obando – Zarzal – La Paila – Bugalagrande – Tuluá variant – San Pedro – San Carlos – Buga (195.6 kilometers).
  • Thursday: Buga – San Carlos – San Pedro – Tuluá Variant – Bugalagrande – La Paila – Zarzal – Obando – Zaragoza – Cartago – Cerritos – La Virginia – Cruce Balboa – Santuario – Apía (173.3 kilometers).
  • Friday: Pereira – Cartago – Zaragoza – Las Cruces – return – Cartago – Cerrito – La Virginia – Viterbo – Belén de Umbría Crossing – Anserma – Quinchía Crossing – Guatica – Riosucio (155.3 kilometers).
  • Saturday: Supía – La Felisa – La Pintada – Puente Iglesias – La Pintada – Santa Bárbara – Versalles – Alto de Minas (144.3 kilometers).
  • Sunday: individual time trial in Medellín (EPM Intelligent building at Alto de Las Palmas) 17.3 kilometers.

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