Cundinamarca: Soacha Metropolitan Police arrest for attempted aggravated feminicide

In a joint operation between the Criminal Investigation Section of the Soacha Metropolitan Police and the Attorney General’s Office, the capture of a 28-year-old man was carried out in the San Miguel neighborhood of commune four of Cazucá. The individual is accused of the crime of aggravated attempted femicide.

Capture for attempted femicide in Soacha

On May 27, 2024, the detainee violently attacked his partner with a sharp weapon, causing multiple wounds in various parts of her body. These injuries put the woman’s life and integrity at serious risk.

According to police records, the captured person already had a criminal record, among which are:

  • Qualified and aggravated theft
  • Aggravated personal injuries
  • simple theft

After the capture, the individual was placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office. In a guarantee control hearing, a judge ordered her to be held in a prison facility, also for the crime of aggravated attempted feminicide.

The Soacha Metropolitan Police has reiterated its commitment to the prevention of gender violence. Likewise, they invite citizens to report any situation that threatens physical integrity or coexistence through the following lines:

  • Emergency: 123
  • Purple Line: 155
  • Contact number: 3175953626
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