Funza, the most economical municipality in water rationing: this has been the path

Funza, the most economical municipality in water rationing: this has been the path
Funza, the most economical municipality in water rationing: this has been the path

Since the water rationing measure began in Bogotá and several municipalities in the savannah, Funza has been the most saving.

Photo: Funza Mayor’s Office

Recently, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá published the list of the municipalities in the region that have saved the most water since the rationing measure was announced due to the low levels of the reservoirs that supply the liquid.

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The municipalities that share the rationing measure with Bogotá, as a result of the Bogotá Aqueduct and Sewage Company (EAAB) establishing block water supply or sale agreements, are: Funza, La Calera, Chía, Cajicá, Sopó, Mosquera, Madrid, Tocancipá and sectors of Soacha.

Since the measure began to take effect, the EAAB has carried out daily monitoring to measure consumption and savings rates that reflect the commitment of each household to reduce irresponsible consumption as much as possible and seek new ways of relating to water.

According to the measurements, four municipalities presented savings rates higher than 14%, with Funza being the most committed to the measure, with 24% savings, followed by La Calera with 21%, Chía with 19% and Cajicá with 14%. .

How was rationing received in Funza?

Once it was announced that the rationing measure would come into force as of April 11, the municipality convened the Risk Management Council to establish the actions that were going to be taken to comply with the savings measure. “Recognizing the importance of water in our lives and in the sustainability of the territory, we launched the campaign ‘Drop by Drop, Water is Saved‘”, he pointed Jeimmy Villamil, municipal mayor.

The focus, since the measure was announced, was to provide timely and truthful information to enable conscious savings. “From the first moment we said no to the use of hoses, that is, no to washing facades, no to washing vehicles and no to excessive watering of gardens,” says the president.

Strategies focused on mitigating excess water supply and raising awareness among the population to take short showers, close taps during oral hygiene activities, and periodically check home networks to avoid leaks were also strengthened.

The dissemination of these campaigns was carried out through social networks where the local administration constantly shares press releases, savings recommendations and testimonials from the community.

To guarantee water service in institutions that, due to their characteristics, require a constant supply, the mayor’s office and the Municipal Aqueduct and Sewage Company have worked hand in hand with the Government and the Department’s Fire Department to provide water tankers and storage tanks. up to 2,000 liters in educational and health institutions.

However, the main key to the high savings rates lies in the commitment that the citizens of Funza adopted since rationing was announced. “This recognition is a testimony to the joint effort and environmental awareness of our community,” said Villamil.

The municipal administration announced that they will continue to work in coordination with departmental entities to continue on the path of savings.

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