The best 5 wines from Argentina, according to Artificial Intelligence

The best 5 wines from Argentina, according to Artificial Intelligence
The best 5 wines from Argentina, according to Artificial Intelligence

Argentina, in addition to being recognized for asado, mate and soccer, is famous for being the cradle of the best wines in the world, amidst a great variety. But, What are the ones that stand out?

Wine lovers consulted him GPT Chatthe tool Artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, what are the best 5 wines from Argentina and the AI ​​chose those that capture the essence of the country and are a must-see for any fan.

What are the best five wines, according to Artificial Intelligence

With the clarification that choosing the best wines is subjective and depends on personal tastes, Artificial Intelligence established a list of five highly recognized and acclaimed Argentine wines:

Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard Malbec

From the Mendoza region, this wine is made by the winery Catena Zapata, one of the most prestigious in Argentina. It comes from the Adrianna vineyard, located at high altitude, which contributes to its complexity and elegance. It is a Malbec with intense aromas of red fruits, floral notes and a long finish in the mouth.

Cobos Malbec Vineyard

Another Mendoza wine that the AI ​​places among the best is the Cobos Malbec Vineyard. Created by winemaker Paul Hobbs, Viña Cobos has stood out for producing some of the best Malbecs in the country. This wine is characterized by its depth, structure and rich flavors of plum, blackberry and spices.

Achaval Ferrer Finca Bella Vista Malbec

Also from Mendoza, Achaval Ferrer is known for its focus on quality and expression of terroir. He Finca Bella Vista Malbec It is a complex wine, with vibrant acidity and fine tannins.offering flavors of black fruits and mineral touches.

Colomé Malbec Winery

From the region of Salta and located in the Calchaquíes Valleys, the Colomé Winery produces wines at high altitude that stand out for their concentration and freshness. This Malbec offers notes of black fruits, violets and a touch of spices, with a firm and well-balanced structure..

Susana Balbo Brioso

Susana Balbo She is one of the most respected winemakers in Argentina. He Livelyalso from the Mendoza region, is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdotwhich results in an elegant and complex wine, with notes of black fruits, tobacco and a touch of chocolate.

How long does an opened wine last?

In a very general way we could say that, once the bottle is opened, the durability of the wines according to their type is:

  • White wine and rosé wine They will last about 3 days.

  • Young red wine It can last up to a week because it oxidizes more slowly than white wine. The more tannins the wine has, the longer the open bottle will last.

  • aged red wine or light (with less tannins) will last about 3 days

  • Sparkling winebetween 24 and 36 hours if you have a good stopper for sparkling wines.

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