Camilo Cabrera, in the heart of Colombia

Colombia is going through a critical moment in health systems. A sterile competition between the public and the private, in which many seem to have forgotten that the main thing is not who is right, but who is capable of taking better care of the dignity and life of the patient. It is clear with this race of accusations of corruption, inefficiency and cards under the table that aggressiveness is unnecessary wear and tear, which takes time away from action and breaks the patience of human relationships; Only alliances and co-responsibility help to weave better societies with more harmonious and less exclusive developments. Anyway… this column is not to talk about health systems, but to honor life and give thanks for a doctor and an institution that have given everything so that the heart of Colombia continues to beat.

According to the report, Camilo Cabrera, from Huil, lover of pasodobles, doctor at the National University and cardiovascular surgeon trained at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, died on Friday, June 14. What the ruling does not say is that his life will continue to beat in the body and soul of thousands of boys, girls and adolescents, because he and his brother Reinaldo Cabrera Polanía created the Cardioinfantil Foundation 50 years ago, renamed Cardio for popular affection. People go to Cardio because they trust and are grateful, it is their safe place, which by saving children is also saving hope.

La Cardio is one of the five best hospitals in Latin America and is recognized as the best high-level hospital complex in Colombia, according to the AméricaEconomía Ranking; It can be written in figures or emotions. We can talk about the almost 90,000 meters of its facilities with buildings, trees and gardens, or the municipalities and paths to which its wisdom and generosity has reached because, in alliance with donors and solidarity institutions, it has covered the most remote places in our country. nation to give a second chance at life to those who believed that all was lost. In our context of inequality, the poorer and the further away from the centers of power, the lower the life expectancy, but Cardio was born so that no one would ever give up. It has organized throughout Colombia days of early detection of cardiovascular conditions, chains of kindness and talent, science and awareness to align thousands of citizens and entities around the responsibility of saving lives. Saving lives, like this, without adjectives or conditions, because for the true missionary practice of medicine there are no limits or selfishness. There can only be will, knowledge and generosity.

More than 50 surgical specialties, 35,000 cardiovascular surgeries, more than 1,800 transplants, 3,000 workers, the #1 hospital in transplants in all of Colombia and the #1 in liver transplants in children, hospital pedagogy for small great patients, health education, research clinic, teaching-care agreements inside and outside our country and we could go on a long list… But perhaps a single word is enough: mission. That is its essence. That precious relationship that achieves miracles when work, conviction, sweetness and wisdom come together. La Cardio is a place that honors life in every centimeter, in every moment and every night on call taking care of the life of a child. In Cardio every effort is worth it.

Dear Camilo, your heart will continue to beat forever in the heart of our childhood and I think that is the most beautiful way to exercise eternity.

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