Government prepares measures to mitigate the impact of the La Niña phenomenon

Given the imminent increase in rainfall predicted by the La Niña phenomenon, which is expected to begin in July 2024 and extend until the first quarter of 2025, the Government of Huila is preparing a contingency plan.

The Departmental Government, committed to the safety and well-being of the people of Huila, is preparing measures to face the upcoming climatic situations. According to meteorological forecasts, a significant increase in rainfall is expected due to the La Niña phenomenon, which will begin in July of this year and will last until the first quarter of 2025.

Given this situation, a comprehensive contingency plan is being formulated to respond effectively to the emergencies and needs of the population during this period.

Isabel Hernández Ávila, director of the Office for Disaster Risk Management of Huila, explained: “We are working in close collaboration with the mayors of all the municipalities of the department, requesting that they be articulated with this contingency plan and that its implementation does not is postponed beyond the month of June. Coordination and joint work are essential to face the challenges that La Niña will bring.”

Additionally, meetings are being held with representatives from all sectors, with the goal of gathering valuable information and ensuring that all stakeholders are prepared and aligned with response strategies.

La Niña phenomenon in Colombia 2024

The La Niña phenomenon is characterized by the cooling of the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean, which causes an increase in precipitation in several regions of the world, including Colombia. In 2024, La Niña is anticipated to bring intense rains, especially in the Andean and Pacific regions of the country. These conditions can lead to flooding, landslides and other weather-related emergencies.

It is crucial that both authorities and citizens are prepared for these events.

“We reiterate our commitment to protect and support the Huila community during this period and we call on all citizens to stay informed and follow the recommendations of the authorities,” said Isabel Hernández Ávila.

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