Ombudsman monitors emergency care during medical strike

Ombudsman monitors emergency care during medical strike
Ombudsman monitors emergency care during medical strike

The health strike in Bolivia intensifies this Tuesday, June 18, with doctors fulfilling the second day of a 96-hour pressure measurement to demand the annulment of bill 035, which reforms the Pension Law and proposes forced retirement at age 65.

The measure, which will last until Thursday, June 20, has generated concern in the population, since all week longincluding the national holiday of Friday the 21st, there will be no medical care in public hospitals and health centers.

Ombudsman verifies attention in emergencies

This morning, the Ombudsman’s Office carried out an inspection in the hospitals of Santa Cruz to guarantee that care is being provided in the Emergency services, as the doctors had announced.

Sheila Gómez, departmental delegate of the Ombudsman’s Office, pointed out that they will be vigilant so that no emergency case is rejected. “We are here to intervene in case our intervention is needed due to a serious situation and they want to return the patient,” he stated.

Medical strike | Photo: Ricardo Montero


Meanwhile, the doctors, together with union sectors that support their measure, gathered in Plaza 24 de Septiembre to express their rejection of bill 035.

Juan Carlos Cabrera, a doctor participating in the march, stated that they will continue fighting until the bill is annulled. “We are not going to take a step back, we will go to victory with our position because legitimacy, law, ethics, morality assist us. We are here representing all the people of Bolivia, because this is about the rights of all the people of Bolivia. We are not going to allow workers’ rights to be trampled on. We are not going to allow mandatory retirement at age 65,” he said.

Medical strike | Photo: Juan Carlos Torrejón

After the concentration in the Plaza 24 de Septiembre, the doctors and the union sectors that support them moved to the National Tax offices to continue their protest.

Medical strike | Photo: Juan Carlos Torrejón

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