Independent observatories confirm three new femicides that occurred in Cuba in 72 hours

Independent observatories confirm three new femicides that occurred in Cuba in 72 hours
Independent observatories confirm three new femicides that occurred in Cuba in 72 hours

The gender observatories of the feminist magazine Tense Wings (OGAT) and the Yo Sí Te Creo platform in Cuba confirmed three new femicides which raises the under-registration to 28 of 2024.

The three murders that occurred as a result of sexist violence demonstrate “the need for preventive actions to preserve the lives of women and other people affected by femicidal violence,” said both organizations when reporting on social networks about the three femicides, which occurred in a period of three days and took place in different provinces. In all three cases, the alleged aggressors were partners or ex-partners of the victims. One was a repeat offender.

The first of these three women killed as a result of sexist violence in Cuba Her name was Liset Quesada Romero. She was 33 years old and was killed by her partner in Bejucal, Mayabeque, on June 14. She had two minor children from a previous relationship. The observatories sent their condolences to them and the rest of her surviving relatives.

OGAT and Yo Sí Te Creo also regret the feminicide of Jessica Castillo, 32 years old, occurred on June 15. The alleged perpetrator was a couple. According to the observatories, the individual was on conditional release “due to a history of feminicidal violence.”

The director of Alas Tensas, Ileana Álvarez, explains to DIARIO DE CUBA that, 12 years earlier, that man murdered a 16-year-old minor with whom he had a relationship and for that reason he was in prison.

Some users on social media have blamed the victim for her own death, for getting involved in a relationship with someone who had already taken the life of a young woman.

In their publication, OGAT and Yo Sí Te Creo asked citizens to avoid the revictimization of Jessica Castillo that they have seen on social networks and pointed out the responsibility of penitentiary institutions “in granting conditional release without adequate protocols.” This feminicide leaves three minors orphaned.

The victim of the third feminicide verified by both observatories and which occurred on June 16 was called Alba Delia Sánchez Benítez and she was 58 years old. The setting was her workplace, a student residence in the Cotorro municipality, Havana.

Like the rest of the victims’ loved ones, OGAT and Yo Sí Te Creo sent their condolences to Sánchez Benites’ two children, both of legal age, and to the rest of his family, friends and co-workers.

With these three femicides occurring in just three days, The victims left by sexist violence in Cuba so far this year reach 28, according to the under-registration of the observatories. In addition, there have been three attempts and there are six other cases that have not been registered as femicides because access to police investigations is required.

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