They applaud the awakening of Lucas Assadi in U de Chile

They applaud the awakening of Lucas Assadi in U de Chile
They applaud the awakening of Lucas Assadi in U de Chile

University of Chile He continues to enjoy his great debut for the Copa América 2024, where he won by a landslide with a resounding 5-1 against Municipal Puente Alto at the National Stadium.

One of those who had a great opportunity to show his game was Lucas Assadithe midfielder who was the starter and who has been on the rise in the last games of the U that continues to get back on track.

Although Gustavo Álvarez always defends him and understands that he has to take care of him in his football growth, voices in the U are asking that he be able to add more minutes in the second part of the season.

This is made clear by several historians who spoke with Redgol, who highlight the performance that those trained at the U are achieving and who hope that it will take center stage.

Lucas Assadi scored again with the Universidad de Chile shirt. Photo: Marcelo Hernandez/Photosport

They ask for more minutes for Assadi

Lucas Assadi finished the first round of the National Championship being the protagonist with Universidad de Chile, after the agonizing goal he scored in the victory against Everton and that allowed the blues to finish at the top of the standings.

“I really like Assadi, I saw him well because he is a boy who deserves many more opportunities, these games help him gain confidence, show what they know and make him an alternative for the U,” commented the former U coach, Héctor I paint.

Along the same lines, Cristián Olguín assures that these types of matches, against these types of rivals, also serve to gain the prominence that his career needs.

“He always has to play, now the coach decides, but it is important that he plays because he is a different player. “He gives him confidence and to continue playing, so that he starts and consolidates,” highlighted “Cepillín.”

The celebration of the University of Chile before Municipal Puente Alto. Photo: Jonnathan Oyarzun/Photosport

Takeoff in Assadi’s career

For Hugo Droguett the second part of the year has to mark something special with Lucas Assadi at the University of Chile, which is something that everyone in the world of football is waiting for.

“There are always opportunities, regardless of the rival, in this case Assadi shows what we all want from him and with that pace he will win the starting position to give a start that we all want in his career,” he explained.

For now he must wait for a new opportunity from coach Gustavo Álvarez, who has also given him the confidence on several occasions to be relevant in the blues.

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