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In a management report, the mayor of Aguazul, Nelson Camacho, presented the achievements of his first months in office, showing efforts made at the national level. His commitment in key areas such as education, health, infrastructure, paving and public services, economic and social development, positions him as one of the leaders with the most results in this first stage of government. Among these, he stands out for being the first mayor to sign an agreement with the Ministry of the Interior for more than $6 billion to build the Municipal Administrative Center, demonstrating his ability to work together with the National Government for the benefit of Aguazul.

Peace Coexistence Centers “A lo Bien”

The Mayor’s Office is managing two projects before the Ministry of the Interior for the construction of Peace Coexistence Centers. These spaces will promote coexistence, culture and community development, with a total investment of $6,361,718.

Advances in Health Infrastructure in Aguazul

Infrastructure of the Juan Hernando Urrego ESE Hospital: In coordination with the Government of Casanare, the Mayor’s Office of Aguazul has worked on the construction and replacement of the physical infrastructure of the hospital. The last budget component has already been presented to the Ministry of Health. This work will guarantee quality medical care for the community and will decongest the services of the Orinoquia Regional Hospital.

Adaptation of the Primary Health Care Post (PAPS) of Cupiagua: The investment of more than $411 million was negotiated with the Ministry of Health (Minsalud) for the adaptation and improvement of the PAPS in Cupiagua.

Replacement of Ambulances and Assistance Transport: management of $2,037 million in the replacement of emergency vehicles (ambulances).

Provision of Biomedical Equipment and Hospital Support: management of $2,279 million for the acquisition of biomedical equipment and hospital resources.

Strengthening the Fire Department

The visit of the national director of Colombian Firefighters, Captain Lourdes del Socorro Peña del Valle, resulted in co-financing to acquire a fire truck for $1,500,000,000. This strengthening is vital for the security of Aguazul.

Foreign Investment in the Bovine and Pork Processing Plant:

The company Ford Farms will invest in the construction of a processing plant located in San José del Bubuy, with the capacity to slaughter 800 animals every 8 hours. This will boost agricultural production and the economy with the generation of 1,100 direct and indirect jobs.

Water Supply Project:

The deep wells for blue water, valued at $5 billion, will guarantee access to water in agricultural production systems. This initiative is essential for the sustainable development of the municipality.

Road Improvement:

The Departmental Risk Management Unit, in coordination with the Government and the Infrastructure Secretariat, has intervened 9 kilometers of roads in the La Esmeralda, Guáimaro, Vegana and Retiro Milagro villages. This is part of the summer plan to improve connectivity and road safety.

Education and Infrastructure:

The maintenance and provision of 42 educational institutions in the municipality is being managed. In addition, a water tank with a storage capacity of 5,657 m³ will be built, with a significant investment.

The Aguazul Public Services Company ESPA has acquired a dump truck, 4 scythes, 168 micro-meters, 1 PC Work Station and 1 interactive screen.

The First Photovoltaic Farm with an area of ​​400 hectares. It is located in a strategic region, ready to make the most of solar radiation.

Entrepreneurship Support:

Through an agreement with the Emprender Fund, $1.2 billion was allocated to benefit local entrepreneurs.

In addition, computers were delivered to 5 people with visual limitations in the municipality.

Projects with Ecopetrol:

5 projects are being managed for tax works with the Ecopetrol Company:

100% financing for the construction of the Aguazul Hospital, with an investment of $120 billion.

Alameda Calle 4, intended for culture and sports, with an investment of $20 billion.

Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint linear park, with an investment of 12 billion.

Cupiagua Road Ring Paving: Project with an investment of $12 billion, in co-financing (10% by the Administration).

Paving Plan Brisas – Triunfo: Another initiative with an investment of $12 billion, also in co-financing (10% by the Administration).

Additionally, in coordination with OCENSA, we are carrying out various actions:

Vereda Unete and Monterralo aqueduct.

Water solutions for Vereda La Vegana (joint management between the Mayor’s Office and Ecopetrol).

Sports plate in Vereda La Vegana.

Paving of the Cusiana – Cupiagua road.

Opening and paving of Calle 4, with an investment of $40 billion.

Delivery of 1905 school kits for institutions.

Through the program to benefit communities, 22 projects were formulated for a total value of $25.1 billion.

Additionally, the following are being managed with the CENIT Company:

Provision of school furniture for the 42 educational institutions.

Computer equipment and ICT elements.

Photovoltaic energy project for educational institutes, co-financed with $1.3 billion by the municipal administration and $2.4 billion by CENIT.

Together with the joint corporation Cocrea and TGI, $5 billion will be invested for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the Aguazul House of Culture.

Mayor Nelson Camacho stated that this is just the beginning of his plans for Aguazul. His objective is to transform the history and direction of the municipality, focusing on the generation of employment, productivity and economic development.

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