Government joins efforts to increase gas coverage

Government joins efforts to increase gas coverage
Government joins efforts to increase gas coverage

In the municipalities of the Atlántico, four thousand homes will have natural gas service through the ‘Mi Casa Bacana’ program. The announcement was made by the Atlantic Government during a socialization of the phases and schedule for the awarding of the first 3,000 housing improvement subsidies.

The expansion of the coverage of the home natural gas service for strata 1 and 2 contemplates benefiting homes in the capitals and townships of 13 municipalities, which must be nominated by the Mayor’s Office of their respective municipality after verifying that they meet the requirements .

The activities of this initiative will be carried out by Gases del Caribe and Ecopetrol, and include prior review, subsidized internal installation and auditing along with connection charges, with a total investment of $4.9 billion.

In addition, the company Gases del Caribe joins in with the modality of a discount on the bill and the delivery of a two-way stove for each beneficiary household.

The Undersecretary of Housing of the Government of Atlántico, Rocío Jiménez, recalled that the guideline is that the number of owners of decent homes in good condition be increased in the department.

“We explained to our mayors and secretaries what the methodology will be to award natural gas installation and improvements. With this we contribute to the well-being of our people in the municipalities. As you already know, with ‘Mi Casa Bacana’ we will provide qualifications, subsidies to buy housing and improvements in the homes of those who need it most,” said Jiménez.

The mayor of Baranoa, Edinson Palma, said he was happy with the socialization because it clarified many doubts and thus will give many families in his municipality opportunities to improve their housing.

“More than 500 families in Baranoa will be able to have home gas service to reduce poverty and increase quality of life indices; I am pleased not only for my municipality, but also because the entire department and its people will be able to benefit,” Palma added.

The mayor of Sabanagrande, Darwin Rosales, stated that his mayoral team has already been working on the characterization of the homes and families that need housing improvements: “We received new guidelines and we are going to abide by them to be able to have more effectiveness when applying to our inhabitants and that there is less probability that the application will be rejected”,

The mayor of Polonuevo, Óscar Avilés, said that he will make the most of the benefits of these subsidies for his community and confirmed that ‘Mi Casa Bacana’ of the Government awarded him 1,500 property titles in the Camilo Torres neighborhood, the largest in Polonuevo.

“Our community will be able to have decent housing as it deserves; Truly, our people will be very grateful, for everything, for the qualifications, the improvements and being able to have home gas service,” added Avilés.

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