Flight frequencies for the province remain pending matters

Flight frequencies for the province remain pending matters
Flight frequencies for the province remain pending matters

June 19, 2024 – 00:20

The flight frequencies between Catamarca and Buenos Aires have not yet been extended, except on exceptional occasions, such as the two weeks in which the Poncho Festival takes place. Currently the number of weekly flights is 10 and several of them shared with the province of La Rioja.

From the Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies of Catamarca they pointed out that although for some time now different efforts have been made to increase frequencies and that this was achieved gradually, the demand is growing, so it is done It is necessary for the province to have more flights.

According to what was expressed by Cristian Fernández, president of the entity that brings together travel agencies in the province, the existing demand for trips from Buenos Aires to Catamarca, and vice versa, merits having more flights and he highlighted that this is reflected in the airplanes that arrive to the province, which became airplanes with a greater capacity than years ago.

One of the advantages, and perhaps the most important, of the province having a greater number of flights is economic, since the price of the tickets would be directly affected and would be more similar to those of neighboring provinces in the region, like Tucumán.

Low cost

So far there is no news on the possible arrival of low-cost airlines to the province.

At one point, in 2017, two low-cost companies applied to operate the round-trip route between Catamarca and Buenos Aires and it was even estimated that they would operate from the first half of 2018, something that ultimately did not happen.

Some of these companies are present in provinces of the region, which generate not only more availability in flight frequencies and options, but also a significant variety of prices, something that is not available in Catamarca.

During the Poncho

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the province announced that during July, during the winter break, Catamarca will have more flight frequencies than it has in the rest of the months of the year.

In this sense, Evangelina Quarín, Secretary of Cultural Management, indicated in statements to the press that “we have managed to increase flight frequencies to Catamarca during the Poncho Festival.”

Here, the official pointed out that there will be days in which the province will have up to three flights. “It is very important and speaks to the demand that is being generated for July,” she added.

Regarding the possibility of these options remaining fixed, Quarín said that “for now it will only be maintained during the winter vacation period. We are in the process of making them stable.”

In addition, he made reference to the possibility that other companies, in addition to Aerolíneas Argentinas, disembark in the province. “We will manage so that other companies can arrive and improve rates,” said the official from the province’s tourism portfolio. n

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