The French Gendarmerie collaborates with the Civil Guard in the protection of pilgrims

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 10:24

| Updated 10:48 a.m.

Agents of the French National Gendarmerie patrol, for the second time in La Rioja, with the Civil Guard all sections of the Jacobean Route, in the “framework of cross-border cooperation.”

The objective is to reinforce the safety of the pilgrim and the path itself, avoid damage to the historical-cultural heritage, preserve signage, guarantee road safety, prevent and conserve nature and the environment.

The agents will also carry out interviews with the hostel staff, to find out about the concerns and security problems that could arise in this type of establishments welcoming pilgrims.

The device established for 2024 in the region also contemplates the participation of various specialties of the Civil Guard that, in one way or another, intervene in road safety: Citizen Security Units, Traffic Group, Seprona, Mountain Group, Cynological Service, Judicial Police and a Helicopter. In addition, the Mobile Pilgrim Assistance Office will travel the entire Rioja section to offer personalized assistance to pilgrims.

Through the Alertcops mobile application of the Ministry of the Interior, agents extend their protection to pilgrims virtually. With the Guardian function, the user will be able to access 24-hour attention, seven days a week from the operational service centers, receive geolocated security alerts in real time, verify their last 10 geopositionings in case of loss, as well as such as the possibility of contacting 062, all in an environment available in 7 languages. Likewise, pilgrims will receive random messages with safety tips based on their geopositioning.

Attention on the Road

In 2023, the Civil Guard in La Rioja carried out 3,963 services linked to the Camino de Santiago, 7 health aids, 2 mechanical aids, 6 informational aids and 2 accompaniment aids.

It is also recalled that on its institutional website the Civil Guard makes available to citizens a series of safety tips and recommendations related to the Camino de Santiago, among which is the decalogue on uses and tips for the good pilgrim.

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