They demand not to use the days as assemblies

They demand not to use the days as assemblies
They demand not to use the days as assemblies

“The institutional conferences are an achievement of our union to be able to work on the particular issues of each of the schools, of each grade. But ATEN capital calls for unified conferences of all the schools and transforms them into an assembly with different points to discuss, that they consider important,” denounced Galetto, who highlighted that in this way he breaks the union’s statute which establishes that only the provincial commission can call assemblies.

With this victory, Marcelo Guagliardo achieved his fifth term at the head of the ATEN Provincial union.

The deputy general secretary of ATEN provincial assured that this situation was repeated on several occasions since last year, including during the salary negotiation they had with the Government at the beginning of the year.

“According to our Statute, in ATEN, the assemblies are convened by the provincial executive commission. This was not modified and the original text of 1982 is maintained. Also, the same statute expresses that the sections cannot adopt measures that compromise the union and are understood , to the workers it represents,” ATEN provincial detailed in a statement.

The conferences are not assemblies

Likewise, they indicated that “given the resounding failure of the call for an assembly a few days ago, it is now using the institutional day to make it unified and throw an assembly out the window.”

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Claudio Espinoza

“This is an action contrary to the unity of ATEN and attacks an instance of institutional discussion conquered by the entire organization and which in this way is distorted and put at risk,” they stated, and stressed: “We have already tried to “the multicolored leadership respects the organic nature of ATEN. However, it strives to continue working for the rupture, dividing the capital education workers from the rest of the province.”

Even the leadership of the provincial union reported that it found in this action of ATEN capital “striking coincidences with the leaders of the organized parents organization and with the conservative arguments of mileism and the PRO to attack the average curricular design and any discussion that guarantees rights “. “We can only confirm that they work slavishly for sectors that prefer a small, divided ATEN, isolated from the rest of the organizations and socially questioned,” they denounced.

“ATEN did not call for any direct action, so we are unaware of the call made by the leadership of the capital section and we hold it responsible for the consequences that it may have,” they concluded.

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